Gangnam Style, “American Beverly Hills-Style” hits Time Magazine following CNN

Psy in Time Magazine

The mention of Gangnam Style in Times Magazine is gaining much attention.

On the latest issue of the U.S. magazine, Time which was out on August 18 introduced the article about Psy with the quote, “If I had not been a musician, I would have been most likely a loser.”

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” had been featured in the U.S. magazine Time, following its appearance on the CNN broadcasting.

Time magazine reported that the Korean rapper and reality TV judge has made a megahit with his latest track which went viral. Time introduced Psy saying: “Meet PSY. You may not know his name, but according to the YouTube stats, some 28 million of you have watched the video for his highly addictive song,”

Time magazine has also commented that “Psy’s “Gangnam Style” is getting unusually much attention.” And has added an explanation that “Gangnam means, it’s like Beverly Hills of Korea” has gotten a lot of attention as well.

Korean Netizens commented about the article in Time magazine, ” …a Gangnam Oppa who is being introduced in Time Magazine” , “…the power of Psy to captivate the world” , “I’m proud of Psy” and other similar comments were posted.

Psy first debuted in the KPOP scene with his song, “Bird” which has gained much attention because of his differentiated image from other singers that have debuted the same time. It was said that Psy had been managing himself, but had signed a contract with YG Entertainment (which is one of the major entertainment agency companies in Korea) in August of 2010, but was given the freedom to keep his musical color.

More recently, Psy has appeared on the American Music Entertainment Channel VH1’s morning program entitled “Big Morning Buzz Live”, and has introduced the Invisible Horse dance of his song “Gangnam Style.” Psy has explained that “Gangnam is like the Beverly Hills of the US, and that a person who isn’t very Gangnam Style-like singing ‘Gangnam Style’ is the main focus.” Psy has not had any formal promotion done in the US, and his sudden appearance in an American program is very interesting. Psy has been able to gather much popularity not only from the US, but all around the world all thanks to a YouTube video, and people are anticipating his next moves.

Translated and Edited by Eun Hae Oh


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