G.NA reveals a series of selcas for her fans

G.NA once again shared with us some selcas showcasing her beauty.

On March 6th G.NA posted the above photo with the caption:

It’s the morning…^^;
Today is also nice~!!
After only sleeping for a few hours
I’m going to go shoot ‘Birth of a Family’!!!
Let’s be strong~^^ keke FIGHTING!
I’m like this.. after I spend some time in the practice room..
This is what happens to me ㅠㅠ

The selcas showed the various sides to the soloist from fun to adorable. With minimal make up and such a tight schedule G.NA was still able to showcase her beauty and smile.

Fans alike commented: “Unni, ur so beautiful”

Let’s hope G.NA is able to get some well-deserved rest some time soon.



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