G-Dragon’s Dating Jinx

G-dragon admitted that he has a dating jinx.

On April 20th, he appeared on the SBS TV show, “Go Show” where he was asked about his dating experience. He acknowledged that he had a “jinx” when it came to dating.
[ad#GA-468-text] He stated that even if he is in a good relationship, he starts thinking things like, ‘What if we broke up’ and ‘That would be so sad’ and then two months later, “I’m actually in that position of breaking up.”

He continued by saying, “I keep singing and thinking like that as if I was caught in some sort of spell.” Go Hyun-Jung (actress) who was also on the show added, “If you didn’t end up breaking up you probably wouldn’t be satisfied with your work anyway because then it would mean that your song was not powerful enough.”

[ad#GA 468 imgs] Source: Nate Translated by Diana Shin


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