G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung Update Fans on Seungri During Talk Session

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G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung have talked about the Seungri situation on G-Dragon’s ‘GD Friends Live‘.

G-Dragon was joined on his show by fellow band mates Taeyang and Daesung. During the talk session they spoke honestly about the situation but also being very careful about what was being said.

G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung started off by talking about T.O.P and his recent injury to his hand on the set of ‘Alumnus‘.

Then the topic that everyone was waiting for, Seungri. G-Dragon opened the talk by saying, “Seungri is doing well. He’s filming in Japan right now. He’s fine.”

Taeyang said, “I’ll just be frank about this. We reprimanded him a lot. He’s reflecting on his actions now. Don’t people make mistakes? I think for us, as his brothers, we need to forgive those mistakes. These are problems that we must carry with us. Once again, we reprimanded Seungri and will make sure that it won’t happen again.”

G-Dragon then asked, “Shall we finish this off by saying ‘Seungri-ya, we miss you. We love you’?”

Taeyang honestly replied back, “I can’t actually say that I love him right at this moment. I think he needs more time to reflect.”

G-Dragon then added, “I nor any of us, are in any position to be reprimanding anyone, but I will work hard if it means that we can show a better image to everyone. I think it’s all up to us as to how well we do. He’s currently self-reflecting, I know because I’ve been through it before. These times aren’t just wasted times, but times that truly help your life. Thinking about it in a different light, you can see it as a good experience as well. If you all view him in a good light, I’m sure that Seungri will be able to show you a better image as an even better man and adult.”

G-Dragon finished with, “Seungri, I don’t love you yet as well but I will love you and I miss you. Fighting.”


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