f(x)’s Krystal featured in OhBoy!

Find Krystal’s stunning flower fairy look in the March issue of OhBoy!
fx krystal oh boy

In a recent photo shoot for the fashion magazine OhBoy! in the streets of London, f(x)’s Krystal exudes elegance and glamour in Rebecca Minkoff’s designs.
A tough leather sleeve jacket matched with floral print dress, creating a kind of drama to be eased by the beanie, sneakers and burgundy socks. It is so perfect for a gloomy day in England.

Or maybe flirt with the street a bit with some pinkish color? Let it be a chic dress or embellished blazer. Krystal is looking better than refined as the hat adds a feel of playfulness, and the leather boots with metallic finishes make her a modern lady confidently taking over the city.


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