Former YG artist Kim Ji Eun fails to make it to round 2 of ‘Voice Korea’

Ji Eun who was previosly an artist under YG Entertainment sung Boohwal’s ‘Never ending Story’ , on the voice Korea, but failed to get through to round 2.

The coach’s comments were as follows:
Baek Ji Young “The reason why I didn’t turn around is, your voice had appeal and there were times where I was pulled by the color of your voice..but I couldn’t press the button with just that, something was missing”
Gil “It’s true you have a particular sound, but I thought you lacked some ability to control your voice”.

Kim Ji Eun had released an album with YG in 2007 before leaving the company, and featured on serveral artist’s albums. Currently Ji Eun works a a vocal trainer. Here is her song ‘Tell Me Once More’.

Do you think Kim Ji Eun should have gone through to the next round? What are your thoughts?


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  1. There’s a saying I’ve loved since I heard it: “Just because you’re outnumbered doesn’t mean you’re wrong.” I stumbled across Kim Ji Eun’s work quite by accident in a music video for the song “Yesterday is Different from Today” (several instances are available on YouTube) and immediately fell in love with her “voice”.

    At the age of 55 I’ve come to realize likes and dislikes are very subjective. At the same time, I find it difficult to understand how anyone could find this woman’s “voice” as anything other than a thing of beauty.

    Be well,

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