Follow Omega X on Their Road to Debut in ‘Loading One More Chan X’ Reality Show

2021 has seen its fair share of top-tier rookie groups and Spire Entertainment’s upcoming boy group, Omega X, will be no different.

For those who are just stumbling upon their content, you may notice some familiar faces – the 11-piece group consists of members from inactive/disbanded idol groups as well as participants from survival shows such as MixNine, The Unit, Produce 101, Under 19, and SuperStar K7. Brought together by their sheer talent, determination, and passion for the stage, the group was formed to give these artists a second chance at breaking into the K-Pop industry.

The full lineup includes: Seven O’Clock’s Hangyeom; SPECTRUM’s Jaehan; ENOi’s Junghoon, Hyuk, and Kevin (Jinwoo); GIDONGDAE’s Taedong; 1TEAM’s Jehyun and Xen (Jinwoo); LIMITLESS’ Hwichan; SNUPER’s Sebin; and 1THE9’s Yechan

The group’s name is a compound of the Greek letter “Omega,” which signifies the start of a new beginning, and the letter “X,” which stands for their infinite growth potential.

After dropping hints on the selected members, the members of Omega X were officially unveiled to the public back in March through their debut trailer. Sporting black suits, the members were unveiled one-by-one while showing off their team synchronization and sharp dance moves. Although their exact debut date has yet to be determined, the group is expected to make their debut this summer with an EP and their title track, “Vamos.” 

Although their debut date has yet to be announced, prospective fans can catch up on the group’s activities through their reality show Loading One More Chan X. The Youtube series takes fans behind the scenes and chronicles the members’ preparations leading up to their debut. From their big move into their shared housing and playful antics to their lessons and evaluations, fans will be able to see their growth and camaraderie among the members. 

Check out the first episode of Loading One More Chan X, below!

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