F.I.X Release ‘Please Don’t Say’ Full MV Featuring Eunhyuk

The full music video for F.I.X’s ‘Please Don’t Say’ was recently released! Watch it below:


The music video features Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and another female actress, exploring the strong romance between the two. In the beginning, Eunhyuk is seeing off his girlfriend at the train station and is reluctant to let her go. We then see moments from the past, where the girl is waiting for Eunhyuk as he rises on an escalator. The same moment is shown again, except the girl is no longer present. We then see Eunhyuk walking along the platform of the train station and the girl inside the train she just got on, both with sad and regretful expressions. However, time suddenly stops and begins reversing to just before the girl departs from Eunhyuk, finishing the story of the music video.


F.I.X, from Groove Entertainment, stands for ‘Four Immaculate Xtraordinaries’. The group consists of 4 members and made themselves known to the public through the OST of Cable E Channel’s drama, ‘Big Hit’, with the track ‘Please Let’s Live A Little’.


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