F.Cuz Released New Teaser for “No. 1”

[ad#GA-468-text] F.Cuz are due to make their comeback this April with a new mini album. Ahead of their comeback they have release the first video teaser for upcoming track “No. 1”.

The relatively short teaser is good enough to showcase the group’s new sound and concept. F.Cuz will be feature new members Raehyun and Daegeon.

The teaser for “No. 1” introduces their new pop and electronic mix, which should be something that will feature in their new mini album.

The new album includes tracks such as, “NO.1”, “Rise Up”, “야누스 (Janus)”, “있을때잘해봐” and “전화좀받아 (Answer the phone)”.

The new album, “For Century Ultimate Zest”, is the first Korean release since “Gorgeous” in November 2010. Also it features their new lineup.


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