EXO’s Baek Hyun Shows His Affection for Dogs in The Celebrity


EXO’s Baek Hyun recently showed fans his love for dogs as he volunteered to spend a day taking care of dogs at an animal shelter.

‘The Celebrity’ offered Baek Hyun the opportunity to work with dogs, after hearing that the EXO star had spent his childhood with pet dogs.


Baek Hyun arrived comfortably dressed at the animal shelter in Seoul, ready to tackle the day with the dogs.

He spent the day taking them on walks, teaching them how to behave during meal times and grooming them.

Baek Hyun said to The Celebrity, “It was painful to hear that over 150,000 animals are being abandoned each year. People who have adopted and want to adopt pets need to have adequate information about them as well as the right mind sets. I hope these dogs at the adoption center will meet their owners soon.”

You can see the full article in the January issue of The Celebrity.


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