EXO Continue The Drama With Episode 2 Of Their Music Video


EXO has recently taken the music scene by storm, firstly making a comeback with album ‘XOXO’, and then releasing a repackage, ‘Growl’. In the process, they have managed to keep fans in suspense by slowly releasing different music videos. This time, the second part of their drama ‘Growl’ music video is out! Watch both Korean and Chinese versions below:

EXO – Music Video Drama Episode 2 (Korean Version)


EXO – Music Video Drama Episode 2 (Chinese Version)

From the last episode, the group were injured in a huge fight where no one was left standing thanks to Luhan’s transformation into a wolf. The group go to visit D.O in the hospital when the female lead spots Luhan from outside and follows him until he collapses, leading to her bringing him home to nurse him back to health. However, Kai is waiting outside and sees the girl and Luhan leaving the house and gets angry at Luhan. Also unknown to the group is that the girl and Luhan were caught on camera by their rivals, and as such the girl is kidnapped before being rescued once again by EXO.

The music video comes to a somewhat dramatic finish when Luhan takes a blow to the head from a metal pipe; at which point everyone drops what they were doing to crowd around. He is, however, saved by a single teardrop from the female lead. The last we see is Kris at Luhan’s place, breaking the photo of the pair into pieces.

It seems SM has decided to once again leave fans in suspense as mystery now surrounds Kris.




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