Ex-Wonder Girls Member Sunmi to Debut as a Solo Artist



Former Wonder Girls‘ member Sunmi to return on stage as a solo artist!

Sunmi was part of the original members when Wonder Girls debuted back in 2007.  Due to their sudden success in the U.S., both Sunmi and Sohee (the youngest members of the group) dropped out of high school to focus on the group’s American promotions.  However in 2010, Sunmi withdrew from the group in order to focus on her academic studies and was replaced with current Wonder Girls’ member, Lim.

After three years, Sunmi is ready to return to the spotlight and will be debuting as JYP Entertainment’s first female solo artist!  Although she will not be rejoining the Wonder Girls, Wonderfuls everywhere still consider her part of the group and are eagerly anticipating her debut later this month.

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