ENOi Makes Bold Comeback with “Cheeky”

After entering the K-pop scene last year, shrouded in innocence, K-pop rookie group ENOi is making a bold return with the new single “Cheeky.”

The seven-piece act, fronted by leader Laon alongside Dojin, Hamin, Avin, Jinwoo, J-Kid and Gun, held a media showcase for its first EP, “Red in the Apple,” in Seoul on January 13.

The band debuted in April last year under the newly established Kithewhale Company label. It says the band’s name “ENOi” comes from the last letters of the first three words and first of the last word of the phrase “we can do it.”

We made a comeback in nine months. Each time we see our song on charts, we feel overwhelmed and surreal. Now that we have our first media showcase, it finally hits me that our album is out. We feel responsible for those who’ve been waiting for us,”


Kicking off with rhythmic guitar strings, lead track “Cheeky” is a melodic dance track that builds upon the members’ soaring vocals and powerful rap style. It has been composed and written by Laon, who usually makes the music for ENOi. The overall album is themed around apples, which the bandmates explained are seen as a symbol for love and passion.

Talking about his writing process, Laon said he came up with such an idea while talking with Gun.

Laon and Gun

Gun, he is a member who hopes to be loved and give it back to others. Upon wondering where that passion and dedication came from, I drew out a conclusion that those feelings were part of love. The members liked the song as soon as they heard its intro, pushing me to tap it as lead track.”


With red being a representative color for love and passion, Laon stretched out to apples as an appropriate subject to relay the message. Apples also play an integral part in the song’s vibrant music video, which is ample with musical elements.

The group shared that it had to make further efforts to perfect the song’s dynamic choreography.

When we promoted ‘Bloom,’ I’d practiced its dance movements about 1,800 times. For ‘Cheeky,’ I think we’ve already danced to it over 1,000 times,”


As much as the group’s new single is rooted in a casual chat within the band, they shared that their close-knit relationship with each other was the real driving force.

Except for practicing time, we spend most of our days talking to each other,” he added.

The four-track EP also features “Not Sorry,” “I’m With You” and “&NDiNG,” all of which credit Laon as a lyricist.

“Red in the Apple” was released on Sunday, January 12.

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