Donghae and Son Eun Seo Holding Hands..

The news about Lee Donghae and Son EunSeo‘s amusement park date has sent more Super Junior online community forums into a frenzy. The reason behind all this frenzy…the picture below.

As you can see in the picture…Donghae and EunSeo are seen on a double date with Leeteuk and Sora and most importantly are seen casually holding hands! The couple who received a high viewers ratings since their first meeting have caused a lot of speculation over whether they are being considered as a permanent couple for the show ‘We Got Married’

Later that evening Son EunSeo who attended ‘7th Asia Model Awards 2012’ and was seen posing with a photo of Donghae on the red carpet. Furthermore, in her speech after winning the CF Model Award, Son EunSeo stated, “I would like to thank Donghae who escorted me to this event”.

What do you think about this pairing??

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Source Naver, Tumblr


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  1. What’s so heartbreaking about them. They’re really cute!!! And it’s not like you will get to date him or her (I bet all of you who commented are girls though) unless a miracle happens and no offence but it’s true. It’s better to support the ppl you like instead of neglecting them. Donghae<3Eunseo FIGHTING!!!

  2. they’re really cutee..i like thiss couplee soooo muchhh…
    i hope this couple become reall couplee…

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