Dok2 Enjoys the Cebu Weather for “Runnin’ (Final Things)” MV Shooting

Dok2 3
Runnin’ MV shootin #cebu #ruthless2

Hip-hop artist Dok2 is currently filming his upcoming music video for “Runnin’ (Final Things)” in Cebu, Philippines!

Dok2, who is half Korean, a quarter Spanish, and a quarter Filipino, has been uploading onto his Instagram behind-the-scene photos and videos of his music video shoot at the Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort & Spa.  The Philippine island of Cebu attracts thousands of tourists every year for its beautiful beaches and resorts along with its delicious Filipino cuisine.

“Runnin’ (Final Things)” is a track off of Dok2’s digital single, Ruthless Part.2, which was just released on the 13th.

Check out more photos of his stay in the Philippines on his Instagram account here.


“View from my room #Cebu #Imperial”

Dok2 1
“CEBU 1LLIN’ #pinoystilo”
Dok2 2
“Runnin’ MV shoot in cebu”
Dok2 4
“Runnin MV shoot #ruthless2”
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