Davichi Leaves Core Contents Media Along With Two Managers

Davichi 2011
Davichi have left their agency Core Contents Media (CCM) and will be signing to a new agency.

Following their exit are their two long term managers, Kwon Changhyun and Lee Eungyong. A further singer, Hong Jinyoung, has also followed Davichi’s exit.

Davichi are one of CCM’s best acts along with T-ara, with many expressing concerns at their exit and the effect that it will have on the agency.

Their has been no other details released about why they decided to leave CCM along with the two managers.

Although the separation seems to be on good terms as representatives at CCM stated, “Davichi is leaving our agency, but we hope that they will still be in friendly competition with us. We are excited to see their developed image in the future.”

When CCM was asked about whether Davichi left because of the T-ara controversy, they replied, “That is not true.”

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