Dance Battle Between BTOB & BAP

Christmas is nearing, and for broadcasting companies, that means special broadcasts and performances! Christmas also means that the year is coming to an end, and 2012 has seen the debut of some high quality rookie groups such as BTOB and BAP. The two groups went head to head, battling it out in dance on today’s KBS Music Bank. Watch the epic dance battle below:


The dance battle begins with a rap segment and short dance from BTOB’s Ilhoon and BAP’s Yongguk, before BTOB enters and breaks into dance, performing to a remixed version of their track ‘WOW’. After their show of sharp and precise hand shuffling, BAP take the stage, executing bigger and livelier dance moves, finishing their segment with some B-Boy moves. The stage itself then concludes with the combining of both groups, as all of the members come together to finish with an explosive routine.

Clearly, both groups have amazing talent in dance, working perfectly together for this collaborative stage.

Which part of the performance was your favourite?




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