Daesung Cover Image and Tracklist Released For D’scover

D-Lite D'scover
YG Entertainment releases Big Bang’s Daesung solo album cover image as well as his official tracklist.

The official tracklist includes 12 songs with 10 tracks on the album being J-pop covers. Two of the tracks were previously released on Big Bang’s album.

Daesung’s solo album will be titled D’scover.

To support the release of the album, Daesung will be touring Kobe and Tokyo. The album is due to be released on February 27.

The tracklist for the D’scover album are:

1 Sunny Hill / original song by Do As Infinity

2 Love / by Hata Motohiro

3 Singer’s Ballad / by Saito Kazuyoshi

4 Powerful Boy / by Sukima Switch

5 Hello / by Ayaka

6 Joyful / by Ikimono-gatari

7 Like Overflowing with Kindness / by JUJU

8 Missing You Now / by MISIA

9 The Flower Bud Of My Dream / by Remioromen

10 Baby Don’t Cry (JP Version) / Original

11 Wings (JP Version) / Original

Special Collab Track feat VERBAL (m-flo):

12 Tonight is Boogie Back / by Ozawa Kenji


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