Crayon Pop and Lady Gaga Perform at ArtRave Tour Concert

Crayon Pop recently joined Lady Gaga on the ending stage of Lady Gaga’s ArtRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball concert tour.

The girls of Crayon Pop took a picture with Lady Gag on stage on July 23 and shared it via their Twitter the next day.

Crayon pop-Lady Gaga

Crayon Pop, in the photo, were wearing their stage ‘Bar Bar Bar’ outfits.

The show in the photo was held at Staples Center, LA on 22nd and it was the last concert of Lady Gaga Tour Concert ‘The ArtRAVE:The ARTPOP Ball.’ It was also the last opening stage of Crayon Pop of total 13 stages in North America.

A representative at Crayon Pop management Chrome Entertainment said, “it was ‘Swine’ what was on their joint stage and Lady Gaga has suggested Crayon Pop to be on her ending stage together.

crayon pop with lady gaga

Meanwhile, Crayon Pop and Lady Gaga will have another joint stage in Korea as well. Lady Gaga will be performing at ‘AIA Real Life: Now Festival 2014’ at JamSil Stadium in Korea on August 16th, and Crayon Pop will show their relationship with Lady Gaga through the joint stage.

Crayon Pop, touring 12 different cities of North American and Canada within a month for the opening act at Lady Gaga’s concert, will be returning to Korea this afternoon.


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