ChoCo Trainee Unit ChoCo1&2 Set to Release 1st Album and Music Video for “Fruity Loops”

ChoCo Entertainment / Sole9 Media

ChoCo Entertainment‘s trainee unit, ChoCo1&2, is gearing up to release their brand new song “Fruity Loops” from the album ChoCo Takes Hollywood (MAX)!

Cr. ChoCo Entertainment / Sole9 Media

ChoCo1&2 is a project unit consisting of trainees Jake – the leader of ChoCo1 (the male trainee team), and Anpan — the leader of ChoCo2 (the female trainee team). Both trainees were introduced to the world for the first time through the Mnet M2 reality show “ChoCo In Hollywood,” which followed their journey of growth into complete and well-rounded artists.

Jake is already hailed as an all-rounder for his talents in singing, dancing, drumming, DJ-ing, and more, whereas Anpan has been gathering global attention as a dance influencer.

With Jake and Anpan at the forefront of ChoCo1&2, attention is focused on the energetic performance and natural charisma of the Alpha Generation trainees as they prepare for a new paradigm of K-Pop.

On May 26, the first teaser for their upcoming music video was released, drawing attention from K-Pop fans all over the world. The teaser offered snippets of the video’s vibrant and unique visual concepts that included a spaceship floating in space. The teaser also showed a sneak peek of ChoCo1&2’s captivating vocals, powerful sound, and distinct musical color, piquing the interest of viewers.

Prospective fans can look forward to the catchy lyrics and upbeat rhythm of “Fruity Loops,” which will be released along with the album ChoCo Takes Hollywood (MAX) on June 1 at 12PM (KST).

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