Can the BBC appreciate Kpop? + BBC interview with CL

Today the BBC or British Broadcasting Company, interviewed CL of 2ne1. It was shown at 5am, most viewers would have missed it so here’s what they put on the BBC website.

CL interview with BBC

‘South Korean pop band 2NE1 are receiving global attention after being voted New Band of the Year by MTV viewers in New York.

Singer CL told the BBC that despite the award she did no’t think her band had had success yet. The all-girl group formed in 2009.’

As far as I’m aware the interview hasn’t been shown again. The BBC haven’t even bothered to write up the article professionally, notice how there are only 2 lines of text with typo’s. Sure everyone can make mistakes right? They also cut her off in the video without thanking her, as they would do with any other interviewee. Or so I thought until I searched Youtube, the BBC do thank her for her time but they cut this of in the online version.

The reporter more or less asks her the same question, slightly rephrased each time. I’m sure had he been reviewing a western artist such as Lady GaGa or Rihana, he would have prepared for the interview much better.

I’ll admit that I’m biased towards Kpop, but I still feel that although the BBC are reporting on Kpop’s success (especially 2ne1) they’ve handled it unprofessionally. Sure everyone is entitled to make mistakes, but I would have expected better from the BBC. I’d hope to see the BBC produce a longer and better prepared report on Kpop in the near future


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