C-CLOWN’S Guerilla Showcase “We’ll Continue To Stay Humble”

The anticipated boy group from Yedang Entertainment “C-CLOWN” is now making their official debut starting today. C-CLOWN the junior of the popular “IM JAEBUM” will be making their official debut as of today. The 6 member boy group had made their official first guerilla showcase today on the 18th starting at Apujeong, Seoul, at 4PM KST.
During the guerilla showcase C-CLOWN had performed their title song “SOLO” along with the songs “I AM NOT ALONE” as well as “차 안에서”. They’ve performed with intense preparation from the powerful performance to the ecstatic vocals.
Leader Barom had stated “We’re both nervous and we’re also looking forward to it. Since we’ve practiced so hard and its the first time we’re able to show it so we’re exceptionally looking forward to it.” He also added “Since it’s our first stage, and even though we’re nervous we wanted to enjoy it. The members, all of them seemed to have enjoyed themselves.”

The member in charge of rap T.K had stated “Everyday we prepare hoping that the day would quickly come so we can show off what we have. All I wanted to do was do my best in the performance.” He confessed.
Even before debut, C-CLOWN has gained a lot of attention from not only the netizens, but the fans and even the media.
ROME, T.K, SIWOO, RAY, KANGJUN, and MARU, the members of C-CLOWN today starting from the morning had held a guerilla showcase starting in Seoul and travelling throughout the city.

The name C-CLOWN is abbreviated from the name “CROWN CLOWN”, crown representing the kings,and the leaders.
The members have stated “We’ve prepared a lot for this. Even though we’re going to debut already, we’re still going to practice, maybe even harder than before, to show all the fans and viewers a perfect performance. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to be humble and work harder.”

Also, the leader “ROME” (Real name Yu Barom) had made a name for himself prior to debut on a networking site on youtube with the name ‘B.yu’. Prior to his debut he had uploaded videos of him singing, dancing, performing and had been a talk in the midst of the netizen.

Also, another member “T.K” (Real name Lee Minwoo) had appeared on JTBC sitcom “I live in Cheondamdong” and had also been said that he was supposed to debut with the current rookie group from CUBE Entertainment “BTOB” as well, but there are problems with Minwoo’s health resulting in him being unable to blend into the group.

When Lee Hyukjae asked C-CLOWN members what their “ideal type” are for women, Siwoo’s reply was “I like the actress Lee Minjung-sunbaenim,” the maknae (youngest) Maru stated that “Even though I’m young, I like Han Hyojoo-sunbaenim.” TK states that his “ideal type” would be “UNSTOPPABLE HIGH KICK’s Park-ssam (the teacher Ms. Park), Park Hasun-sunbaenim.” Also, the leader Rome declares that “For me, I like SISTAR’s Bora-sunbaenim,” Kangjun’s ideal is Shin Sekyung, and Ray is cited to have Hwang Jungeum as his ideal.

Meanwhile, C-CLOWN will make their official debut on Mnet “M! COUNTDOWN” on the 19th. Their music video for ‘SOLO’ will be released later at 12 a.m. KST. Stay tuned at C-CLOWN’S official Youtube channel.

(credits:TVDAILY , NEWSEN , NEWSis(), Nate, Fuckyeahcrownclown (translation)

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