C-Clown releases “Solo” dance practice video with a fun twist

C-Clown, a new boy group of Yedang Entertianment, has recently filmed their dance practice video for debut track, “Solo,”with a fun twist as a fan-service.

This video was tweeted by the leader, Rome with the following message:

Unlike usual dance practice videos, the track has been modified to a chipmunk’s voice and the boys danced diligently throughout the video until the end of the song, where they all collapsed on the floor from exhaustion and telling each other how funny the track sounds.

Check out the video below:

In other news, C-Clown has recently opened their official fan Cafe`, with an introduction/greeting videos by the members. Click here to visit the Fan Cafe` and check out the introduction video below.

Source: C-Clown’s official youtube page and Rome’s twitter




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