BTS’ SUGA Makes Holographic Appearance on 2020 MAMA Stage

On December 6, gasps and screams echoed through screen as a virtual figure of BTSSUGA suddenly appeared on the 2020 MNET Asian Music Awards (MAMA) stage. SUGA, who has been recovering from a recent shoulder surgery, was absent from the septet’s epic “ON” and “Dynamite” performances on the annual awards show. With the help of technology, the rapper-producer was manifested in the form of a realistic, hologram and stood alongside the BTS members during the group’s heartfelt, closing performance of “Life Goes On.”

Production company VIVE STUDIOS brought SUGA to life through volumetric display integration. A form of XR (extended) technology, volumetric display records moving 3D objects and presents the recording in real-time, creating a realistic, 3D visual display that can be viewed from all 360-degree angles at any point in time.


In an article by Yonhap News, the production company stated, “The capability of VIVE STUDIOS CGI(Computer-Generated Imagery) production team and R&D center were intensively spent.

VIVE STUDIOS is a professional visualization company with genuine artists and technologists who strive to create stunning stories and experiences for their clients through VR, AR, CGI, VFX, and film. The company is also credited for producing the unlimited, real-time firework graphics for BTS’ “Dynamite” performance.

Translations by: Yeowon Y.

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