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    you guys can shine in NO TIME. you all are talentedddd! with your own specialties for each member XD

    eunkwang oppa~ you’ll be a great leader! love your voice!~
    minhyuk oppa~ you’re in charge as the face of the group. yeahhhh, u look so much like dongwoon XD
    ilhoo oppa~ love your rap!!! and you keep remiding me oh junhyung oppa !!
    hyunsik oppa~ love your smile, it makes me smile whenever i see it..lol.. u look so much in resemblance to kikwang..and somehow ur voice too, i like it!!
    changsub oppa~ love your aegyo and your voice too!
    peniel oppa~ at least we hahave one member who speaks english well..lol XD
    sungjae oppa~ the maknaeeee! i’ve set my eyes on u the 1st instance i watched insane MV, phewww, lovee your smile, and voice~~~XD

    my fav song from BTOB is Imagine. i really likeee it 10000xxxxx, and please, just a request from a fan, how about an MV for imagine? puh-leaseeeee….im starting to go crazy over this group …LOL XD

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