BTOB Peniels, pre-debut video makes the web!

After Peniel’s tweet “Just watched a video of me doing the shuffle dance when I was a trainee that my friend uploaded hahaha it was fun watching it again :P good memories :) gonna read a bit then sleep! Good night~Peniel~” – many fans were eager to find this video and with a bit or searching the video can be found below.

We see Peniel as well as 2 other trainees holding a mini showcase doing the shuffle dance. This was all while Peniel was still a JYP trainee before debuting in BTOB.It also shows that the trainee life isn’t all doom and gloom and they still have fun here and there.

In the video you can also see other trainees addressing Peniel as Donggeun as that is his Korean name.

Hint: Peniel is the one in a pink t-shirt.


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