BTOB Peniel Reveals His Beautiful Sister

BTOB are set to hold a fansigning event in Singapore on the 23rd of May. However, due to the event, member Peniel has been left unable to attend his sister’s wedding!


Fortunately, Peniel was able to webcam with his sister, Jen Shin, just before her wedding began, and she even got numerous congratulation tweets from BTOB fans – Melodies. Along with the tweet, Peniel also uploaded a photo of himself whilst on the webcam with his sister, revealing her in her wedding dress, all made up to walk down the aisle!

Peniel’s sister Jen is definitely beautiful, isn’t she? Do you think the siblings look alike?



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  1. She’s gorgeous! It’s so sad he couldn’t attend >.< … but it's so sweet they managed to talk before her wedding~♥

  2. She is so beautiful and kind to PENIEL. So had he couldn’t atten his sister wedding, but they are so lucky they webcam each other. On April 2013 Jennifer Shin have been in Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles just to see PENIEL performance with his groups members btob. PENIEL sister seem very happy seeing on stage the first time with his parents, brothers in law, and nephew.

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