BTOB MinHyuk, “I’m Much Gredier To Get No. 1 On Music Show”


On 20th February, the 7-members group BTOB stood on ‘MCountdown’ as they presented their first ‘Beep Beep’ comeback stage. After completing their first comeback stage, BTOB delivered each of their honest thoughts on this new comeback.

BTOB received more spotlight as an athletic idol since MBC ISAC. Recently, Lee Minhyuk revealed his toughts for that. ” I’m much gredier to get no.1 on ISAC.” Another members laugh for him. Then, He said more seriously. ” I will be thousand times happier if we get no. 1. But, rather than the greed of that, i want to do my best effort on every stage so as to repay “endless love” from fans.

He continued, “Although I’m usually gaining attention through my participation in ‘ISAC’, my ultimate hope is that BTOB will do well. I wanted to do well in different variety programs, including ‘ISAC’ so that BTOB’s name can be spread”, showing his affections for his members.
The members expressed, “If a member turns out well, as the member who received love, we are always thankful to him. We are grateful that he gave his best look despite busy schedules and especially when his body condition isn’t at his best.
Regarding their goals for ‘Beep Beep’ promotions, “We want to spread awareness for the name BTOB,” they unanimously answered. Seo Eunkwang explained, “Even now we see many people commented, ‘this is the first time I see BTOB’. For this latest promotion, we plan to place emphasis on raising the name of our group” and, “We will do so until the public gives us responses such as, ‘BTOB made their comeback again’, ‘so, BTOB is coming out with this concept’ in future promotions. Therefore we will do our best in promoting this album actively and also in our next comeback.”

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