BTOB – Born To Beat [Album Review]

We are adding a new feature to We are going to review an Album once a month on appearance, photobook and songs. We are also going to tell you how much you can purchase the album for. This month is BTOB’s first mini album; Born To Beat.

Who? BTOB (비투비) are Cube Entertainment’s new 7 member boy band. They have only recently debuted.

How much?
YesAsia £14.27
KpopTown £7.58
HMV Do not currently stock.


Appearance? BTOB’s album is black and features the groups logo on both sides. The case is unique in the fact that it has a magnetic line which helps to keep the album closed. Once openeded we can see the BTOB CD and Photobook.


The back of the album cover lists the tracks on the album. This mini album is shiny, as you would expect a Cube album to be. The CD Holder is made from plastic but the case itself seems to be made from a more durable material.

Songs? The mini album contains 4 songs.

– Born To Beat (Intro)
– Insane (비밀)
– Imagine
– Monday to Sunday

Insane is the song that the boys debutted with and probably the strongest song on the album. My personal favourite is Monday to Sunday, the song is about loving the same girl Monday to Sunday. In otherwords; Only having one girl during the entire relationship.

Photobook? The photobook first introduces us to the boys indivisually. This is then followed by solo and group photos. The last two pages are the lyrics to the 4 songs on the mini album.

I would highly reccomend purchasing this album for yourself, or a friend. When it can be purchased for under £8 at the moment.

If you would like to request an album to be reviewed next month please comment below.

Note: Prices are subject to change, We do not controll the prices shown on YesAsia or KpopTown.

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