BTOB Behind Story :: Debut On MBC Music Core

BTOB Behind Story :: MBC Music Core

– Peniel received a letter from a fan at music core and put on a very happy face.

B.U.T…. Since he was unable to understand it fully…. he didn;t know what to do…. fortunately Ilhoon appeared. With the help of Ilhoon, Peniel was able to understand the fan letter^^


– Changsub who is captivating the audience with his great expressions. He made this expression specifically for the fans.  What do you think? Cute, right??^^ㅋㅋ


– Like planned, the two of them sat in the same pose.

So we quickly took a picture. They look like twins right? Eumhaha^^


– After asking for the camera to take selcas of himself, he left us with a pretty(?) picture ㅠㅠㅠ

Isn’t it touching ㅠㅠ Let’s all try and tear up after looking at Minhyuk’s photo ㅠㅠ


(+) Bonus

This is a cluster of photographs Peniel took.

These are images of Ilhoon in pain (?) because the ring did not come off properly..

Indeed,, look at the picture… and check out what what happened^^

Translations by UnitedBTOB


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