Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain signs with IU’s label

Brown Eyed Girls’s Gai has reportedly signed a solo and acting contract with IU’s label, Loen Entertainment. They will primarily be responsible with managing her solo and acting career in the future.

A statement from Loen Entertainment said, “She will continue with her group activities under her current firm, Nega Networks, which is a collaborative label with Loen. We work together to manage our artists and music distribution.”

The spokesperson from Loen Entertainment was keen to stress that her work with Brown Eyed Girls will not be affected by this new signing. They also added to the statement that there was no official release date for the solo album or the formalisation of the contract.

“Step 2/4” was Gain’s first solo album released last year and promoted her single “Irreversible”. Brown Eyed Girls are currently taking a break after their run of promotion for their 4th album “Sixth Sense”.


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