[Breaking] Jessica Leaves SNSD, Group Will Continue As Eight Members

English translation of the official statement from SM Entertainment:

This spring, due to her personal situation, Jessica said she would stop group activities after one more album. Despite Jessica’s sudden statement, Jessica and the Girls’ Generation members continued to work hard and carefully think over so that the team can continue to work in the best direction. However, recently with Jessica starting her fashion business while there was a lack of specific mediation regarding the interests and prioritization of Girls’ Generation’s activities, a situation has been reached where the team cannot be maintained, despite continued discussion. As such, we could only pull up the plan for Girls’ Generation’s activities as 8 members, and while we were discussing the timing of the announcement, Jessica wrote the message in her own perspective earlier today. We plan to continue to support and manage Jessica’s individual activities and Girls’ Generation’s activities as 8 members.

Timeline of events

Earlier today at 5AM, Jessica Jung left a message on her Weibo explaining her departure from the group:

I was excited about our upcoming fan events only to shockingly be informed by my company and 8 others that as of today, I’m no longer a member. I’m devastated – my priority and love is to serve as a member of GG, but for no justifiable reason, I am being forced out.

At 6:30AM KST, Jessica then updated her Weibo with another post for her fans:


You guys are very special people that I love dearly, therefore you deserve to hear the truth from me. I’m deeply saddened and hurt by those who I trusted and hope that you don’t ever have to experience this kind of pain.

Furthermore, at around 8AM KST, 8 members of SNSD were photographed leaving for ShenZhen, China at the Incheon Airport without Jessica. [Source]

Confirmed news:

  • Jessica Jung has left Girls’ Generation and will continue as 8 while supporting her solo activities [Naver]
  • Jessica haults activities with SNSD. The group will continue as 8, SM will continue to manage Jessica [Hankyung]
  • Jessica is considering moving into fashion design [KHeraldm] She already has her own design company BLANC GROUP [Facebook]

Rumors and Speculation

  • People are talking about internal conflict that has been evident between Jessica and TaeYeon over the past few years.
  • Jessica has been linked to Tyler Kwon, a wealthy and successful Korean businessman [MWave]
  • Dispatch (A Korean news website, generally reputable) discusses further reasons for why Jessica would leave SNSD [Dispatch]
  • Jessica could have been seeing lawyers lately [SportsSeoul]
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