Boys, Get The Look – EXO’s MAMA

EXO’s recent and hugely successful debut with their song MAMA has caused a sensation amongst fans, and it is obvious that the boys will have a large following right from the off. True to form, SM’s strong sense of style appears once again in the music video for MAMA, with an atmospheric, dark, and supernatural feel to match the song’s tone.

Although we can’t say where EXO found their jedi-style robes, there are a few things that caught our eye in this MV.

‘Mama’ in Korean translates to something like ‘your highness’, which gives a good idea of what to expect for this concept – golds, silvers, metals, sequins, jewels, and an overall richness. However EXO are fighters, they need to be powerful, and masculine, so it’s no surprise that tough, biker-style leather jackets, coated with studs are a big feature.
D.O wears a black studded Burberry waistcoat, and here, Kai wears a Burberry jacket covered in dark blue sequins;

Carrying on the metal trend, Tao, D.O and Xiumin are all seen in silver trousers, alá the designs of kpop-style favourite, Jeremy Scott. The remaining members wear metallic tshirts and accessories.

Even more shimmer and shine has also been added, we suspect, by the SM stylist team, as there are quite a few hidden EXO symbols on the boys’ clothing!
Similarly to a hooded jumper sold by Starstyled, a brand that the band have been wearing for their television appearances, Suho has black panel detailing on his jacket in the EXO symbol, and Baekhyun has an embellished hood.

Another key element of EXO’s MAMA style appears to be bold print tshirts, featuring animals and skulls, reminiscent of designer Alexander McQueen (below left). We found one almost exactly the same as the one that Xiu Min wears, for a fraction of the price, at River Island (below right).

There are also a lot of mystical moons floating around on Chanyeol’s jacket, and Kris and Kai’s shirts, so be on the look out!
Below, D.O wears Givenchy’s A/W’11 Rottweiler sweater, Sehun wears dsquared2’s Tiger tee.

Alongside various drop-crotch trousers and military-style cargo pants, Luhan is seen in something similar to these white buckled ones from Versace’s S/S’12 (although our model is a lot cuter!)

In essence, to make a MAMA outfit, our advice is to go monochrome; pick an item of clothing to be bold, like a metallic jacket or trousers, or a t shirt with a large motif print. For shoes, try plain boots or high tops. (Or if daring footwear is your thing, try these gold gems from Office!).

So, think you could pull of EXO’s super-human fighter style? Here’s how you can get a casual look straight from the high street…but if you’re really dedicated, don’t forget to add scary facepaint!

1 ) All Saints Ravine Biker Jacket – £150.00 (Or similar and cheaper from many different stores!)
2 ) River Island Space tshirts – £20.00, £18.00 respectively
3 ) Topman Geo Shape Thumb Harness – £10.00
4 ) GAP White vests – 2 pack, £11.96
5 ) Topman Long Cut Out Ring – £10.00
6 ) Republic Crafted Carpenter Cuff Chinos – £39.99
7 ) H&M Worn Canvas Sneakers – £19.99
8 ) River Island Black High Tops – £35.00

Now we just have to wait for some EXO symbol merchandise, and we can all have super powers!

Let us know what you think of this outfit!
If you would like us to recreate any other kpop outfits, request it in the comments section below OR post a picture on our facebook page and we will do our best!
Stay tuned for more kpop fashion updates!

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