BoA releases “Milestone” PV!!


BoA’s music video for her 1st DVD single release “Milestone” has finally been released! The music video made its debut on MTV Japan’s Exclusive on November 21st, and they will continue to broadcast the music video until November 22nd.
The video begins with BoA playing a few notes on a piano in a worn down practice room filled with a few chairs. Shots of BoA driving and walking through Times Square New York City can be seen, giving the music video a more personal touch. Through this PV we can see that she doesn’t where as much makeup is this PV as she did in her recent music videos, and fans can see her beauty shining through.

BoA is celebrating her 10th debut anniversary this year in Japan, making “Milestone” her 10th anniversary DVD single. The DVD single will include documentaries of BoA’s 10 years experience in Japan. Last year, she celebrated her 10th debut anniversary in South Korea.
BoA is set to release her 1st DVD single on “Milestone” on December 7th, which will be followed up with her annual Christmas 2-day concert on December 10th and 11th at the Tokyo International Hall Forum.

Check the PV below…Enjoy:

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