Block B Release New Teaser for “Very Good”

Block B
Block B have released a new teaser for their upcoming comeback track.

The music video teaser for “Very Good” was released today via their official YouTube channel and has already started to get fans talking.

Fans have already started to comment on the video saying, “OMG I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE MV!!”, “Block B is back 8D 대박 !” and “Wow~ can’t wait!!”.

There was some mixed reactions over the use of clown masks in the video as they rob a bank. Some fans reacting, “Cries because clowns, but happy because Block B” and “I love Block B but I’m scared of clowns…clown is so creepy..can’t even look at them in my real life..”.

This will be Block B’s first release since their ‘Blockbuster’ album last year.

Block B will be performing their showcase on October 3.


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