BIGSHOW 2012 kicks off! (Pics)

Big Bang finally kicked off their BIGSHOW tour 2012 on the 2nd of March in Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium with the fan’s utter excitement and cheering.

Several Fans were able to grab videos of the boys performing their singles as well as several pictures pictures of the show as well as backstage.

Check the pictures below,

Before the Show


During the show


After the Show

Actress Kim You Jung (a TOP fangirl) who played young crown princess Heo Yeon U in the popular Drama ‘The moon that embraces the Sun‘ was lucky enough to go along and see Big Bang at their comeback concert. Kim You Jung was previously cast as the young love interest of Seungri in his video for ‘VVIP

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Source: TOP FB fanpage, All credits go to the Big Bang fans as well as the Big Bang Fan pages.


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