BIGBANG say “Hello” to welcome foreigners in Korea!

Big Bang participated in a public campaign to warmly greet foreigners for the year of Visit Korea.

Yesterday, on April 30, Visit Korea Committee reported that BIGBANG would appear in the 2012 public campaign advertisement to warmly greet foreigners.

The public campaign advertisement, called ‘Let’s Say Hello First!’, was created in order to improve the image of Korea by warmly greeting foreigners with smiles as over ten million foreigners are visiting Korea nowadays.

In the advertisement, which was shot at Gwanghwamun Square, BIGBANG sing a campaign song about how to say hello in different languages.

Han Kyung Ah, the director of the marketing department of the committee, says, “Big Bang is a popular singing group that has a friendly image, so they fit to the concept of this campaign perfectly. Through the campaign, we hope more people can warmly greet the foreigners so that they feel more friendly toward Korea.”

The public campaign advertisement will start airing on national as well as cable TV-channels early in May. It will also be seen in newspapers and other various medias.

The advertisement has yet to be released!


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