Big Bang’s G-Dragon Snaps A Picture with Snowman, “Am I Cute?”

Big Bang’s G-Dragon snaps a picture with a snowman, “Am I cute?”


Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently revealed his cute charms.

On the afternoon of February 4, G-dragon uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “Snowman X snow baby.”

His cute expression stands out. His playful look and bright smile gave the viewers a heartwarming smile.

His hair and fashion style was just perfect. He had the black & white two-tone hair that is creating a buzz. He also revealed his fashion sense by wearing a red shirt.

Netizens commented about his cute look and being a handsome visual. Some asked whether he took the picture during a shoot  and whether he made the snowman himself. There were also some good comments where some netizens said that the picture remind them of a hamster and also praising how lovely he looks.

G-Dragon plans to hold 2013 G-Dragon World Tour in Japan Dome Special in major cities in Japan in April.


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