Big Bang’s G-Dragon Reveals the Secret of CCTV’s in YG Entertainments Building

G-dragon of Bigbang revealed the secret of CCTVs in YG Company building.

On October 26th, the reporter of Entertainment Weekly found CCTV in G-dragon’s studio during their interview and asked, “I didn’t know YG had this many CCTVs in their building, why is there so many of them?”

As an answer to that question, G-dragon said, “There are too many rooms, artists, composers, and staffs in this building; therefore it’s too hard for Mr. Yang to contact everyone. That’s why we have so many of them; it’s there to communicate with each other”.

However, soon G-dragon commented to his own answer and said, “It’s really for observation purpose, he’s watching us all the time, if I take a nap he calls me and ask why I’m sleeping”.

G-dragon also imitated Mr. Yang and made fans laugh.

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