In celebration of Big Bang’s much anticipated comeback, is giving an opportunity for one reader to win a copy of the Hallyu group’s comeback 5th mini album, ‘Alive’.


To enter, all you have to do is the following:

1. Like the facebook page here:


2. Comment below with the following:

  • Your favourite Big Bang song
  • Your favourite Big Bang member
  • Explain why for both!
  • Which edition of the album you want to win: Big Bang, GD, TOP, Taeyang, Seungri, or Daesung

3. When you think you’ve finished your entry, make sure that the email address you input is valid and also one that you check often as the winner will be contacted through the submitted email address. If no contact with the winner can be made, another winner will be decided! The winner will also have to be comfortable with giving us their address to ship the mini album off! The deadline for entries is the 3rd of March, 12AM GMT.

So make sure to enter to be in the chance of winning a copy of Big Bang’s much awaited 5th mini album! ‘Alive’ is due for release on the 29th of February!

Entries from any country is welcome!

Good luck to everyone!

EDIT: The winner of this competition has already been announced.


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  1. Your favourite Big Bang song;
    Unthil whenever

    coz this song really make me Close with Big bang~~ this song only about us VIP and Big bang >..<

    Which edition of the album you want to win:

  2. My favorite BIGBANG’s song is Cafe (but actually i really love all their songs and their Haru-Haru, Lies, Number 1, Make Love, Last Farewell, La la la, Tonight, etc…) 😀 In this song the members get a new challenge in the way they are singing, which is using falsetto, that they never did before in their past albums. This is really awesome. This songs really ear catching, deep in meaning, and lovable..^ ^

    My lovely BIGBANG member is Dong Young Bae —– Taeyang ^ ^
    I get to know BIGBANG actually through his single “Wedding Dress” which makes me having a goosebump because of his voice. I keep repeat his song in my play list and then i want to know more about him..and this bring me to BIGBANG…The only K-Pop Boy Band that i adore until this time (and i guess this will be last forever..kekekeke…:D)

    So..the one that i really want for this “Alive” album is Taeyang’s edition..

    감사함니다 ㄱ법건세르토…:)

  3. My favorite song is “Haru Haru”. It’s hard to explain but I can feel pure emotion from this song. It’s easy to know what BIGBANG want to tell us through the melody and their voice. Even if I don’t understand what lyrics mean.
    My favorite member is G-Dragon. He is such polite and cute boy in my first impression. He is charming and fantastic on the stage and always gives us surprise. As a rapper, He doesn’t have such amazing voice like T.O.P. But he creates his own style and make us thought he is the top.
    I would like to have G-Dragon edition! Thank you.

  4. Your favourite Big Bang song : Lies
    It’s a very good song that fits everybody in all ages, it’s a sad story bud a nice too. And it was also the song that made them popular.

    Your favorite Big Bang member : G-dragon
    He’s absolutly the best! He compose & write all their songs, he’s a fashionista and loved by everybody. It’s like he’s the water and we are the trees, everybody likes him ^^

    if I win I would like to have the Big Bang version, cuz I love all of them. and what is better than all 5 in one packet? nothing! its just daebak!

  5. My favorite Big Bang song is “Until Whenever” because this song is the song made by Big Bang for us VIPs. This song makes me feel that they really do care for us.. It makes me feel that we are important to them. It’s a special song because there is no studio version of this song, they just sang it in their concert, making it more memorable for us VIPs. :’)

    My favorite member is Kwon Jiyong. I love how each song he makes touches the heart of all VIPs, and other people. I love how he makes it a point to tell us stories of their real lives through their songs. I love how he leads and cares for the other members.. I love how he brings himself, his confidence and everything about him. I love how despite all the controversies that came his and Big Bang’s way, as a leader, he still stood tall and faced all those problems without stepping on other people. I love his personality, his everything… I just simply love him.

    If ever I win, I would like Seungri’s version please… My friend promised me GD’s version already. And I would want the version of my 2nd favorite member :’)

    1. My favourite BIGBANG’s song is Oh Ma Baby. tbqh i hate this question, i mean i love all BIGBANG songs. But Oh Ma Baby is my fave one because when i heard this song fo’ the first time, woah this song rly gave me goosie. i love the melody of the song, the lyrics too because its so meaningful and how the boys sing that song is so beautiful. every part of this song is just precious!! i know it kinda weird to pick this song as my fave bcos oh ma baby isn’t like lies, haru haru, last farewell and other BIGBANG’s HIT songs but if you hear this song more often, you’ll get & understand my reason. 🙂

      My favourite member is the one and only leader Kwon Jiyong, Kwon Leadah, G-Dragon, GD, Bong. HAHA. I like other member too but GD is different, he’s rly somethin’ and i LOVE him! he’s so talented, he has a briliant brain that made a billions-briliant songs, he’s a professional one! he can be cool, swag, cute & sweet as the same time and the last…… i’m really adore his fashion-sense, FO SHO!!

      If you choose me as the winner, i would like to have BIGBANG edition. even though i want GD ver too but have OT5, BIGBANG as 5 edition in my hand…… well there’s nothing better than that.

      Thank you so much for this opportunity, it would be great if i win this event. can’t wait to receive an e-mail from you!! >,< hahahahaha once again, thanks! 😉

  6. Favorite Big Bang song: Lies
    Favorite Big Bang member: TOP
    Explanation: LIES is HISTORY already! Words can’t explain how awesome it is! And TOP is SEXY(period) ^^
    Which edition of the album you want to win: GD

  7. My favourite Big Bang song is haru haru.
    My favourite Big Bang member is T.O.P
    I like haru haru because the story behind this song is very touching,I almost cry listening to it. To me,this song is very special because it kind of represents my feeling at that time and it is also the first song I heard which immediately make me a VIP. I like T.O.P because he strives hard to achieve his goals and I love the way he raps,it is so hot!!! That voice of his just melts me (he is the best rapper I have ever seen<3). He is also very talented in acting,rapping and singing. Although his voice is very low but when he sings I feel that it suits him perfectly. The dramas that he acted in are also very nice. Some people says that he is not good in dancing but I think it is fantastic.
    Which edition of the album you want to Big Bang or T.O.P edition

  8. Favourite song of Big Bang?of course—lie.The melody and the lyrics are so great and is easy to remember and have connection of so beautiful.

    Favourite member?GD!He has a great talent of music even performance.I love the way he transforms and presents the music and stages.Is GD let me know a group from Korea called”Big Bang” and give me a chance to feel and enjoy the splendid music.

    i would like to get the TOP Ver.even GD being my first choice.i would like to see a new,differnet Top in the 5th album as well^^

  9. My favorite song is Tonight , because Tonight is my first Korea song in my life ! Before i hear Tonight , I not in fever in K-pop . After I hear Tonight that really change my simple life ! Every day replay and replay ! can’t stop down or slow down to follow Big Bang ! Even morning going to school , that time my phone only have Tonight this song ! I also dun care anything who talking me out or what ! Tonight really is my first Korea song in my life ,when morning hearing Tonight , it can let me think hold day Tonight will be a really Beautiful Night ! And a Fully hope night =)

    My favourite member is Dae sung !! Because he is the First make me think variety show is such a funny ! When i see Dae sung oppa is in Family ! And that I have a same smile with Dae sung oppa =) Even smile a little bit my eye even become a line =)) But never mind ! That not every one got such a smile !!! 2011 year ! When i hear Dae sung oppa get a accident !! First think is ‘ Are he Okay ??’ ‘Are He get Hurt !? ‘ Omg … Almost heart disease that not a joke ! Big Bang can’t without anyone ! Because If any people quite but Big Bang still here !! That not Call Big Bang anymore !! Even now Hear Dae sung oppa you are the best !! We all will beside you !!!당신은 최고입니다 !!! =))

    Edition of the album I want to win hope is Gd ! Because I get Dae sung Oppa version ! =))

  10. fav song- Blue – because it shows how strong BIGBANG is as they’ve comeback despite the hardships they faced stronger and closer than ever. It’s still constantly playing as the soundtrack to my life ^^ plus the lyrics are so addictive, I can’t stop singing my blues…XD

    fav member- hard choice but has to be T.O.P. – come on you know why- ok but seriously he has an awesome deep tone when he raps plus he has the right amount of charisma and cuteness all rolled into the body of an angel ㅋㅋㅋplus when he’s on stage he owns it even when he’s just standing there… now that’s talent

    which edition? T.O.P. please and thank you


  11. Favorite Song: Tonight
    Because of the smashing of guitar and the unforgettable dance they performed!
    Makes my remember this song for life!
    Favorite Member; G.Dragon
    Why? Gosh! Why? Haha! Of cos is his hair! He is like the hippest! And I super love his hair style and color! And as for the Alive album… I WANT IT! Y U NO GIVE IT TO ME!!!!
    G.Dragon version~~

  12. My favorite song is Haru Haru , this song make me taking my 17year doing what and what did I did before . When I hear this song I almost dun know what did I do . And when have any things to think I always open Haru Haru Lound than i can’t hear any people voice ! I almost drop in the song ,How can Gd write such a Wonder full Lyris .Haru Haru also can say that is my remind my life song , when hearing can almost think back when I having a Sweet love ,but now it gone and never get back . When hearing Haru Haru my eye droup like pearl.

    My favourite member is G-Dragon oppa , Because he is a really good artist,rapper and singer ! Even any trend it also he bring it out , He stysle is the best in Korea in my eye ! 2011 when I saw News ,Saying Big Bang Leader drug, I thould it is not true right ?! Even he have smoke , but can not go so far to drug right ? My voice telling me not true , when i know how it happen ! That not all your wrong ! Oppa ! We always be your side ! We will forgive you ! Big Bang can’t without you even if have one people left even Big Bang still here, that also can’t be Big Bang !
    Big Bang Fighting Fighting ! Ya Ya Ya !!!!!! 당신들은 최고입니다 !!!!!!!!!!!

    Edition of the album I wish I win can have Gd version =)

  13. My favourite Big Bang song: Haru Haru
    Not really sure how to start but this song got me into Kpop~ It was the first ever song I heard from Kpop and from that day I was crazy~ I would repeat this song over and over again without stopping. I fell in love with the melody at the beginning that’s how I got into the song then I watched the MV and saw the lyrics, I find it very interesting! I was very thankful to my sister who played this song non-stop so that’s how I know about Haru Haru by Big Bang. I have never listened to anything like this before.

    My favourite Big Bang member: TOP
    It was like love at first sight, I know this is really silly but it was true the first time I saw him, I was like ‘Wow’~ I couldn’t find the exact word to describe him, he was so cool and hot! And then I watched variety shows and find out that he’s such a funny person. I just think he would be the perfect husband for me. I love you TOP~ <3 My love~ <3

    Edition of the album I wish I can win is TOP version of course~ <3 Although, I love all Big Bang members~ They're super unique~ They're all so talented too~ ^^

    Saranghae Big Bang~ <3

  14. Being a fan of Big Bang for about 5 or so years, it used to terrify me when someone asked me what my favourite song by Big Bang was, but ‘Lies’ is definitely on top for me as it was the song that first introduced me into Kpop and basically made who I am today. I became very attached to Big Bang (especially Lies) as their genre of music was similar to what I used to listen to, such as RnB, except their music had more meaningful lyrics, a story behind an MV and also like a guide for good morals.

    My favourite member is G-Dragon as he is someone I can relate to myself – showing a strong character on stage but can be a bit shy “backstage”. He also taught me to work hard and perfect, like when he produces his own music, to achieve something which has also sometimes motivated me in education. His comeback and confidence after the marijuana case last year has also impressed me, and his recovery of not doubting what the public will think of and judge him by.

    The edition of album I would like to win is the Big Bang edition 🙂

  15. My favourite Big Bang song: A fool’s only tears, this song is the reason that i listen to kpop now! this was my first ever kpop song… i used to listen to this song everyday… and even now wenever i listen to it .. it takes me bck to those moments in past when i first heard it!!

    My favourite Big Bang member: i love all five members equally.. they’re all my favourite but these days im more attracted to daesung! he is one hell of a hillarious person! and im easily attracted to people who have sense of humour soo.. i fell in love with him through variety shows …also im so proud of him that he coped through all those incidents and stayed strong.. he’s very BRAVE! and of course his singing is good~ also his BODYYYY <3

    the edition of album that i would like to win is the Big Bang edition. 🙂

  16. Fav song: Lies – This was the first Big Bang song I ever heard. Even though I could not understand what exactly they were saying the music and the way they sang the lyrics really touched my heart. I then searched for a version with English subtitles and I found that the lyrics themselves were full of meaning and emotion. Since then I have been a V.I.P

    Fav member: I like all the members but I like TOP a bit more than the others. His deep voice is soothing. I find his dorky side adorable. And when he goes into his manly mode, his charm is incomparable.

    I would like the Big Bang version if I win.

  17. Your favourite Big Bang song : My favourite big bang song would be Haru Haru.
    Your favourite Big Bang member Tae yang!
    Explain why for both! : Well, to be honest Haru Haru was the first korean pop music video I have seen, so it stood out to me as a new, and unique style of culture for me. Haru Haru also has a deep enriched feeling with the video and powerful emotive visual imagery. The song is also quite catchy lol! I showed all my friends this song and they loved it.
    I also like Tae yang the best because he looks similar to me haha, I even imitated his hairstyle quite accurately, He also seems the most laidback and ‘coolest’ I am a very big fan of Tae yang and I have listened to most of his tracks.
    Which edition of the album you want to win: Big Bang, GD, TOP, Taeyang, Seungri, or Daesung : Tae yang please!

  18. Your favourite Big Bang song: Blue
    Your favourite Big Bang member: TOP
    Explain why for both! I haven’t really been into Big Bang for that long, I’m still slowly turning into a VIP I guess? So “Blue” is what really got me into them, I love the song it’s so addictive, and the music video (though I don’t quite understand it o.o) is also quite interesting 😀
    And I love TOP because he reminds me so much of myself ^^ He’s also a reason why I’m getting into Big Bang, he’s so funny X’D
    Which edition of the album you want to win: Big Bang, GD, TOP, Taeyang, Seungri, or Daesung: Big Bang~I hope this album completes the process of turning into a VIP ><

  19. Fav song-lies. It is such an emotional song and i fell in love with GD even more. Does love like that really exist? It’ so sweet yet sad at the same time. He took the blame for the girl. “I’m so sorry but i love you” is such a good line.
    Fav member- G-dragon!. He is my all time number 1 korean bias. I fell in love with him the moment he smiled in the mv we belong together. Not only is he cute, he is extremely talented. He can compose, rap,sing, dance, dj etc. He is such a musical inspiration that makes good music. G-dragon and big bang is the cause of me being such a big kpop fan.

    I would like to win the G-dragon edition of the album.

  20. Favorite Big Bang song: Haru Haru
    Favorite Big Bang member: TOP
    Explanation: Haru Haru was the first Big Bang´s song I heard/discovered. The one that got me hooked to them and made me a VIP. An Ahjumma VIP since I´m married and have 2 kids 😉 TOP… well not only he is really confident which I love, but this mysterious aura kills me!
    Which edition of the album you want to win: TOP

  21. Your favourite Big Bang song: Tonight
    Why: This shows how much they matured as a group and vocialists. Plus the song is so catchy i found myself singing it when falling to sleep and waking up in the morning. ^^
    Your favourite Big Bang member:TOP
    Why: The fact that he can be dorky and also serious when needed. The way that he’ll always wear several layers even when its too hot, his eyes that at times seem very innocent and the next too sexy and his deep raspy voice. ^^
    Which edition of the album you want to win: TOP

  22. Choosing a favorite song from Bigbang is truly something that is disheartening. Every single song from BIGBANG is put into so much effort and passion that i see in what most groups now a days lack of. Bigbang is a group that is truly unique , no one ever dares to compare them. Each member of the group has many talents which they exceed in depths of. Since i have to to chose a song , i would honestly pick My Heaven. That song always had touched me since the day i first heard it. I was amazed at their Japanese skills. bigbang connects with their fans not only in Korean but in English Japanese. They really are our kings of Kpop. The hard part is choosing the member that really catches my eye. I’m proud to say that G dragon , Bigbang’s the most power leader is my favorite. He can sing dance and rap so characteristically. it’s such a thrill watching him , he really has progressed. I’ve been watching him since he was a kid in the storm mv with Masta Wu . He’s a strong leader and i cant until his next debut or the next songs he writes for his members. i would love to have GD’s ver of the album , i know that i may not even have the slightest chance of wining but i just want to say that no matter what i will always be a V.I.P. and i will be supporting YG’s take to the overseas. Bigbang Fighting! Looks and charms may deceive of what these boys have hidden underneath them and what they have is incredibly strong and strong willed power that they will succeed with heir pronominal talents.

  23. Hey there 😀
    My favorite song is: Dirty Cash – Fans Version.
    First of all, I love this song for it’s fun and happy feeling.Well, I love every song BB ever had and will ever have, but I chose this song because it’s very special to me. There was this time when I had to leave my best friends, who became VIPs because of me, and it really broke my heart, it still does. But this is the only song that always cheers me up! I also think the lyrics describes well (in a joyfull way) the amazing relationship between BB and VIPs 🙂 And the lyrics are funny too XD Whenever I hear this I remember the old times of BB..:)

    My favorite member: It’s almost impossible for me to choose one of them XD Each one of them is so special, and I might fall in love with each one of them at any moment.
    But because I must choose, I’d choose our TOP. But not only because he’s manly and sexy…I love every side of him! Every fashion matches him perfectly, Hip hop, suits or casual clothes XD I love it that he’s acting like a little child, and that he’s talking so honestly about himself and BB in interviews and such..CHOOM TOP *_* ♥

    Sorry for writing too much!! I can write a lot about our BB~
    IF I’d win I’d like to get the Big Bang version 😀 FIGHTING!!

  24. My favourite song is Haru Haru, BIG BANG’s songs are the best but Haru Haru is something special for me. It’s really touching and it’s the first kpop song that make me cry.

    My favourite member is GD. I think he’s one of the best artist in Korea, I really like his style and he made me like rap xD

    Which edition of the album you want to win: GD

  25. My favorite song is Haru Haru: this song make me a VIP, i feel so touch whenever i listen to it! I remember crying while watching the M/V non-stop when i first discovered the song and without understanding a world & when i read the translation i love it more & more! (well i have a lot of favorite song so rather than saying it’s my favorite one, i think it’s better to say it’s the more special)
    My favorite member is TaeYang! Of course they all have something that attracked me! But TaeYang’s style, voice, personnality everything looks so perfect. I feel so many emotion when he start singing, he perhaps doesn’t have the best voice in this world but he put on it so many emotion & sincerity which make it stand out! and I love the fact that he can be so innocent, sweet é cute and at the same time as hot as the sun!
    and I want BIGBANG version

  26. My favorite song from Big Bang is Fallen Angel.This is my favorite song because it was the first song i was acquainted to .This song was really what made me look for other Korean -Pop music. This song was what started my so called” Addictions “(what my friends call it) to this style of music .Truthfully i love all the members of Big Bang ,but if i had to choose in would most defiantly pick T.O.P . he is so amazing . I watch interview that have him in them all the time. I love T.O.P because of many reasons such as 1. his amazing voice 2. he seems so real (most stars dont) and last but best3. he is freaking hottt !!! If i could magically win this i would die to have the TOP edition . it would be a dream come true.
    from your 1# fan girl ,alex

  27. Hello, My favorite BIGBANG song is “Lie” and my favorite member within the group is “BIGBANG!” and seungri. The reason why I chose “Lie” is because it was the first sing that got me turning into a V.I.P and a fan of BIGBANG. The reason why I said my favorite member is BIGBANG is because BIGBANG is one and as a V.I.P I love them all the same. However, I have a little bias with seungri because I have watch him grow along wiht me and very proud of him for having the confident to show others that he has the legit rights to be wihtin BIGBANG. As for which album I would like us the “BIGBANG” version. thx. Hope I win the giveaway! =)

  28. Well, it’s really difficult to choose only one of BIGBANG songs. Even though I like all the songs, or at least most of them, I think I go through phases.So here I go:

    Your favourite Big Bang song: Actually is MS. LIAR.
    Why? Because this song reminds me of something that recently happened to me. I mean, the whole song. And as I am always the stupid girl that don’t know how to deal with a relationship and end up choosing the wrong people… often I’m heartbroken. So It’s my favorite cause it seems like it was written for me. To learn to stop being stupid in love.

    Your favourite Big Bang member: TaeYang
    Why? Well, his smiling eyes caught me. And he gives me a really good feeling. Even though in some MVs/photos/performances his image it’s showed in a more hot/bad guy way (for example on teaser photos of their new album, with his body tattooed and etc). He has a sincere and shy personality at the same time, and his voice is wonderful.

  29. My favorite song is lies because I really like the story telling in this MV. The lyrics also so awesome. This the 1st song that I hear and falling in love with Big Bang!!
    My favorite member is TOP because he really manly. He has a nice voice tone as a rapper. I really admire his acting. He is so funny and so incredible.. love TOP!!
    which edition I like to win : TOP!!

  30. My favourite song of Big Bang is Let Me Hear Your Voice . The song is so nice and awesome because there are five unique voices inside . The lyric is touching and the melody is nice too . The mv is also creative .
    My favourite member of Big Bang is TOP . Its his unique voice which attracts me and he is so handsome and matured . His eyes caught my attention too.
    I would like to win a Big Bang edition because it feels a little bit weird when you are hearing Big Bang songs and the album cover is only one member ? So I would like to win a Big Bang edition album . Just hope I’ll win this . Thank you so much ! =)

  31. My Favorite song From Big Bang is 声をきかせて (KOE WO KIKASETE) because the voice of the member is make me melt and i like the meaning of the song.

    My Favorite member is Taeyang because he good at dancing, singing and he have a nice body eww yummy !!

    I would like Bigbang edition please

    thank you xxx <3

  32. Favourite song from Big Bang? Lies
    Why? This was the song that introduced to thegroup haha Before I got into Big Bang, I was (well still lol) a really big fan of the Wonder Girls! I remember when I was on youtube I was saw a Wonderbang performace but I had never heard of Big Bang before so I thought “Why not?” so I clicked on it and there it began. I first heard Irony between Taeyang and Sun and then Lies came. I was obviously engaged into the performance between Yoobin (bias) and Seungri but the song was really catchy so I had to do more research on the group and that really triggered my love for Big Bang. You could say “Love at first sight” really 😀

    Favourite member from Big Bang? Taeyang
    Why? He’s just looks so warm even from the computer screen – from the eye smile to his sleek dancing. Even though in his video like I’ll be there shows his fierce and strong side but in videos such as I need a girl, which I personally love, shows his sweet and shy personality which what really attracts me – especially since he’s never been in a relationship so I can really relate to the song since I’ve never been in a ‘true’ relationship either)

    Which dition I would like to win? BIG BANG 🙂
    Thank you for this giveaway m(_ _)m

  33. My favourite Big Bang song is Haru Haru. First of all, Haru Haru was the very first song I heard from Big Bang, the first song that made me fall in love with kpop and my first ever idol group – Big Bang, and also the very first song that struck such a chord with me that I actually cried while watching the mv. Haru Haru was really the song that triggered me to fall in love with BIGBANG and also introduced me into this beautiful KPOP world. Haru Haru is the definition of perfection. I love the melody, rhythm and the whole beat of the song. You can really tell that the members have put in all their soul and effort into their vocals and rap. The raw emotion in this song is just overwhelming. The lyrics are also perfect. Just perfect. They aren’t like those typical cheesy “I love you, be my girl” kind of lyrics, but are instead so beautifully written that it touches the listener’s heart. For example, the verse: My broken heart like a wave. My shaken heart like a wind. My heart vanished like smoke. It can’t be removed like a tattoo. I sigh deeply as if a ground is going to cave in. Only dusts are piled up in my mind. It is so beautifully well written, it really stirs up emotions in my heart and this song is one of the few songs that are so powerful that they are able to manipulate and change my feelings. I get really emotional while listening to Haru Haru, and past memories would suddenly rush back into my head. This just goes to show how powerful and amazingly beautiful and perfect this masterpiece is, and I’ll always always love and remember this powerful song that caused me to spiral into this abyss of love for KPOP and of course, Big Bang. :”)
    My favourite Big Bang member is none other than the leader, GDragon. GDragon is PERFECT. He has amazing leadership abilities as evident by how well he has lead this team. His rapping is just beautiful. I don’t usually like rap, but GD’s rapping totally had a certain swag and unique style to it, that makes it so appealing to me. Not only can GDragon rap, his vocals are also extremely good, showing how perfectly versatile and talented he is. In addition, GD is extremely witty and humorous, making me fall deeper in love with him. I completely adore how funny and sporting he is, especially when he acted in the parodies of Secret Garden and Coffee prince as the girl! He’s really funny and his variety sense just cracks me up! GD also pens his own songs, writing the lyrics AND the melody. His pure talent, modesty, plus his witty & fun personality is extremely hard to come by. Also, I respect GD a lot because of his ability to stand up to adversities and stay strong despite challenges, the way he persevered through tough times and his pure determination. GD had been through a marijuana scandal, yet he faced it calmly, boldly and decisively, something that I find highly commendable. He got back on his feet despite the challenges, and released the most anticipated album this year. I look up to him for his personality, his versatility, his enduring traits and his boundless talent. Thus, GD is my favourite member.
    I would like the GDragon edition, please ^^
    Thank you so much! ^^

  34. This is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do >.<
    My favourite BIG BANG song has to be Love Song because its such a simple but beautiful song. You can also hear all their vocals really well. Although, Gara Gara Go, is the song that got me into BIG BANG and YG Ent. and K-Pop overall so I can't forget about that song. xD
    I have to say, my favourite BIG BANG member is TOP because he's just so talented. He can sing, rap, dance, act and not to mention he is beautiful. His hair is just *O* And he's such a nice person overall. I love TOP oppa :')

    I'd like the Big Bang Edition please, if I win that is.

    BIG BANG FIGHTING ~ 빅뱅 파이팅!

    Thank you,
    the number 1 VIP ;D

  35. Stay
    I think Stay is my favourite song, it has a deep meaning and their voices are perfect..T.O.P is my favourite because i love his rap, i love it even more now in the new album it’s a slower rap I think 🙂
    Big Bang edition is the best 🙂

  36. Well, it’s really difficult to choose only one of BIGBANG songs. Even though I like all the songs, or at least most of them, I think I go through phases.So here I go:

    Your favourite Big Bang song: Actually is MS. LIAR.
    Why? Because this song reminds me of something that recently happened to me. I mean, the whole song. And as I am always the stupid girl that don’t know how to deal with a relationship and end up choosing the wrong people… often I’m heartbroken. So It’s my favorite cause it seems like it was written for me. To learn to stop being stupid in love.

    Your favourite Big Bang member: TaeYang
    Why? Well, his smiling eyes caught me. And he gives me a really good feeling. Even though in some MVs/photos/performances his image it’s showed in a more hot/bad guy way (for example on teaser photos of their new album, with his body tattooed and etc). He has a sincere and shy personality at the same time, and his voice is wonderful.

    Which edition of the album you want to win: BIG BANG! 🙂

  37. My favorite song is Haru Haru, because of the song that made me like the Big Bang and over time a sense of like that turns into love. I remember that I was never really in love something until I know the Big Bang, and I felt a love that through all the songs they sang. 🙂

    My favorite member is Seung Ri!
    He was a hard worker, always cheerful, and his voice always makes my heart tremble. especially in the 5th mini album Alive, I think he is growing, the more melodious voice. ^^

    I really want to have SEUNG RI VERSION !!!! 🙂

  38. My favorite song is haru haru, It was the first song I heard, I’m a man, first time to see me someone to love Korean boy band that is very strange, but when I was invited by my friend to listen to a song, the song is Haru haru, when I first heard I was very interested in the owner deep voice in the song, you know who I mean. : D

    My favorite member is TOP yuhuuuu TOP, I really like his style when singing, I like him because he was a rapper. I wish I could be like TOP someday. I should be! TOP wait for me, I’ll be your junior. hahahahaha.

    I might like TOP, but for now I want to have seungri version. 🙂

  39. Fav song: Tell Me Goodbye……although it is in japanese, this is the song that got me interested in big bang and kpop altogether. the song is amazing and very easy to sing along to. generally, i love all their songs but this song is special to me.

    Fav member: it will have to be an equal fight between top and taeyang………this is because i like taeyang’s amazing vocals and dancing and also the way he got into YG. TOP’s rapping is one of a kind and his voice makes him stand out among the members and changes the direction of the song

    The edition of the album i would like is the TAEYANG one mainly because his hair looks awesome and it is something i am trying to imitate

  40. Favorite song of Big Bang: Haru Haru. This song has marked the most glamorous year of 2008. This song is a jewel and it sparks by topping a lot of music charts. Who will not love this song? GD’s smooth rapping along with TOP’s fierce rapping is a perfect combination. This song becomes more flowery with daesung, Taeyang and seungri beautiful vocals. This song stuck in my head like forever and the piano melody at the beginning is the LOVE!

    Favorite member of Big Bang: Daesung oppa if I have to choose. I love his bubbly and funny side and he definitely knows how to entertain audience especially on variety shows. I am always amazed by his beautiful voice. He has ability to touch someone’s heart through his voice, VIPs definitely can feel it, right? It’s so sad to see him in sadness for a period of time but he always tell fans not to worry about him. Daesung oppa, hwaiting !

    Which edition of album I want to win: Big bang. Together as five! ^^

    Thanks for organizing this to give a chance to VIPs to win this! Love ya!

  41. My favorite song is Haru Haru, Because of that song that makes me like the Big Bang, and of feeling like turns into love. I feel the love in every song they sing.

    My favorite member is Seung Ri!
    He was a hard worker, always cheerful, and had a melodious voice. His voice could make my heart tremble. Hehehe. On the 5th mini album his sound more melodious. i love you Seung Ri!

    If i win, i’d like Seungri Version hihi 😀

  42. My favorite song is Haru Haru!
    Yuhuuu, that’s my first song!
    The first song I heard was Haru Haru. At that time I thought like a Korean boy band is a curious thing. Until my friend introduced me to the song Haru Haru. The first thing that interested me was the owner of the deep voice in the song. Since then I started to like Big Bang. 🙂

    My Favorite member is TOP, hoy Seung Hyun Hyung!
    Battle rap with me oke? Hahaha..
    I like him because I think his voice so cool. the way he delivered a song makes me wondered. rapper seems to have his own style as he sings. TOP, you cool brother!

    Emm, maybe i like TOP, but for now, i’d like SeungRi Version, he is so cool in 5th mini album 😀

  43. my favorite song: UNTIL WHENEVER
    All of Big Bang’s song have a meaning but this song has a deep meaning to me because it connect’s me (I am a VIP ) with Big Bang…
    Whenever I hear this song I start to cry because they’re the one band in the world that are very important to me…
    favorite member: I love them all so much but my favorite mamber is DAESUNG
    DAESUNG will always have an important place in my heart..
    I loved him since the first day I saw him smile and heard his voice..
    He has got such an angel voice I always like to listen to him when I’m sad…
    I would like to have a BIG BANG album…I hope to get it because I don’t have a single thing from BIG BANG not even a poster…

  44. My fav songs are blue, love song and tonight. Those are just addictive, never get bored to listen to them. I wonder how could their songs sound so cool. Impressive rap and great vocal, an freakin cool combination. The lyrics are so deep and meaningful.
    I adore GD. He is a cool figure. He write lots of epic lyrics, complete the perfection of BIGBANG. He has his own point of view. It makes everything he does, seems so cool. His swagger is so awesxzxds.. GD can be so cute and cool in the same time haha
    And he is such a good leader~
    It would be wonderful if i could get Alive album Bigbang version kkkkkk~

  45. 1. Your favourite Big Bang song:
    “Babo”. The reason why I like this underrated song, it’s because I found the tune is so catchy and match well with GTOP’s rap, also SeungRi, TaeYang, and DaeSung vocals. And I think that this song somehow reminds me of Big Bang’s debut years back then. I don’t know the actual reason why, but this is the second song that makes me fell in love with Big Bang and became a VIP :3

    Your favourite Big Bang member:
    TOP. No, not because he’s handsome, to be quite honest. Before I used to be a K-Pop anti, but the reason why I can be like now is… because I watched TOP’s performance in Nineteen movie. Started from there, I dig about Big Bang and I would like thank TOP. Besides that, I also adore his rap–his deep voice and he inspire me a lot to be a rapper. His past (he used to be fat) motivates me a lot to loss my weight. His love for his mother and family… I really adore him and his personality apart from his dorky attitude :3

    Which edition of the album you want to win: Big Bang

  46. Hey 😀
    So lets get to it !

    My favourite BigBang song? Hmm this is a tough one since I love too many just to choose one! I enjoy so many of their songs…from the first ones they have ever made to their latest songs. It’s so hard to choose!! Hmm … Well the first song I heard by them is Last Farewell and I fell in love with it STRAIGHT AWAY! So I will choose Last Farewell as my favourite song.. I think ( WAY TOO MANY GOOD SONGS!! ) So I chose Last Farewell as my favourite song because I like the lyrics and how its sung. Also they sing the song really well and with passion in their voice. It’s also my favourite song because it’s a cute song and I feel really happy when I listen to it!! ( haha dont ask why 😛 ) I think it’s how they sing it and ust the song itself!! Some other of my favourite songs are High High by GD & TOP. Its just an epic song and HAVE to dance to it haahah Tonight , lollipop 2 , Stupid Liar , Wedding Dress , Blue and MAN MANY more also come into my favourites!! 😀

    I think I wrote too much!! Okay. Nextttttt!!!

    My favourite Bigbang member!! OH GOSHH. You got to be kidding! I cant choose! I love every single one of them. I have reasons for liking all of them. Hmmm Wow! Neverknew choosing your favourite was sooooo hard! Anyway.. back to the answer 😀 Well I like Taeyang because his voice is very smooth and it makes me seemed relaxed haha weird huh? 😛 He is also an amazing dancer and the way he moves is just totally awesome! TOP because his voice is very hot! I dont usually like deep voices but his is just really nice and I LIKE IT haha He also seems really really mature from the way he acts. Also he is very handsome young man 😛 I like G-Dragon because he is SOOOO CUTE!! I like his voice haha His laugh is pretty awesome too! He seems very nice and sweet even though he likes to be a bit *gangsta* in music videos! But he’s really cute and looks really fun to hang out with!! Daesung…His voice is magical haha He has such a lovely voice when he sings. So much power in it! With his voice in BigBang.. He makes them sound even better than they already are! He also seems very nice and cute to be around and he is SOOOO funny! So is TOP and the rest!. So Seungri.. I like how he knows what he should do and how he should do it! He works so hard on everything he does. He is becoming more and more better every time there is a new song out and he is always happy!OH and hes handsome 😛 So overall I think I will choose TOP…. I know many people would have chosen TOP but he must be the favourite and I understand why to be honest! He is a really mature guy.. with a great personality and he is very good at his job and the way he does things just makes him SO AWESOME!! I also like his acting too! GD is another favourite because I just LOVE his voice and he is really funny and he seems really hyper and fun to be around! So my favourite is TOP and GD but overall I think TOP !! There is so many good things about ALL of them that I love about them It is really hardto choose just ONE!!

    Okay almost finished hahah I have had soo much fun writing this!
    So last one!

    Which edition of the album would I like to win… Hmm Well In all honestly I dont mind which edition I win because I’m not that fussy when it comes to bigbang because they are all completely awesome I couldnt choose just one. So I’m going to put a few down that I would really like!! hahaha SOO I think I would like TOP’s edition because he is one of my favourites and I would love to see him everyday I walk into my room!! HAHAHA He is such a handsome guy though. Taeyang’s edition is GREAT too!! He looks really sexy in his pic haha Oh and I adore his hair! Suits him so good! GD too!! He looks really cute and he has a really cool voice when I listen to him! Seungri and Daesung are good too as they look really good and the way they are dressed makes them look even better!! All in all I would love to get any of the editions. BUT I would very much appreciate TOP or Taeyang edition because no reason that is just the ones I would like to get! But seriously any will do! I dont mind.. I love every single one of them and they have the looks and personality too go with their beautiful voices.

    Thank you for your time in reading my REALLY LONG …well basically it was a speech hahah Also I would like to wish everyone Good luck and let the best man win….well in this case I think much more girls will enter!! hahaha

    Okay You are probably sick of me now! So I will leave you all in peace and see you later 😛 Okay .. again thank you for the chance of winning this wonderful prize and have fun ! 😀 Hope to hear from you!! 😀 OKay… BYEEEE !!! _(._.)_


  47. My favourite songs is blue,foolish love, what is right? ,Lalala .Those are songs are different from each other the beat , the lyrics, the vocals ,the rap , everything , etc.I love those because they have an special meaning for me.My favourite member is obviously T.O.P I love this man , he is so talented , he writes his owns raps , he acts , he is so cool , adorable and sensitive person.And it would be amazing if I could get the minialbum .I want TOP version.

  48. My favourite BIGBANG song is probably TONIGHT as it is such an upbeat happy song that you can dance too, and the music video is perfection.
    Also, my favourite member is G-DRAGON, (who happens to be my favourite korean ever). He is soo cool and amazing, the music he makes is always soo good! After watching him on strong heart, he won me over with his great sense of humour and his cuteness!
    I would really love to win the Taeyang version of this album, as I love Taeyangs new concept, he looks soo cool. Thanks for putting in the effort to make this competion, and good luck to everyone!! ^^

  49. My favourite song is ‘Haru Haru’ because I believe this was the song that got many people interested into K-Pop like me, and that it’s a song that really made Big Bang different and made them stand out from the rest of the other idols, which caught the attention of international fans. As an international VIP, I couldn’t understand the Korean lyrics therefore the way they sang the song was very important and from listening to it, I could definitely tell the strong emotions they were trying to convey, which was enough to touch me and make me listen to what else Big Bang had to offer. The softness in GD’s voice at the beginning really set the mood and even though it’s been over 2 years since Haru Haru was released, it’s not a song you can get bored of even if you’ve listened to it numerous times. I love GD&TOP’s rap in the beginning, where they take turns and how their rapping voices blend so well with one another. Overall, I think this song will always have a special place in VIP’s heart as whenever I hear the song; it just reminds me how far Big Bang has come as a group and their endless achievements.

    My favourite member is G-Dragon because as a leader he has so much responsibility and say, to what happens and what Big Bang does and he carries out his role so well, even when he had personal issues/scandals of his own. Also, he is so talented and excels in every field he tries, from singing, dancing, producing, song writing and the list goes on! However, his song writing skills are by far one of the most phenomenal; he is what you call a true artist. He can write lyrics for different genres and when he wrote songs for the other member’s individual solo, he really wrote it for that certain member as when you hear the song you just know that song was made for them and he specially wrote it in a way where it shows off that members singing/rapping skills. Also, even though he is the leader of Big Bang and becomes really focused and serious when it comes down to their music, he also has a warm ‘Big Brother’ image to him, where the members feel like they can trust them and open up to them when there are hard times. In addition, you cannot mention G-Dragon without instantly thinking of fashion! He’s a trendsetter and always excites his audience with what’s going to come in the future, and his confidence is just at the right level where he is still humble and has respect for him and the people around him. Overall, I really like G-Dragon because he keeps Big Bang grounded and reminds them of what their goals should be, which is why I believe Big Bang will surpass the ‘Idol 5 Year Expiration Date’ and have many years to come as performers and will continue to excite all their fans at every comeback.

    I would really like G-Dragon’s version, thank you! ^^

  50. My favorite song is beautiful hangover! Because it was the first song that I listened!

    GD is my favorite member, because he’s always following his dreams and working hard. And also he’s always smiling on stage! That smile give me strength to work harder!

    I would love to win GD version, but also the BigBang version! n_n

  51. My favourite Big Bang song – So I guess it would be Haru Haru . That’s the first ever kpop song I’ve heard and my first song from Big Bang . I listened to it once and got addicted to it right away . I love the melody of the song and the lyrics were well written , great job GD ! And TOP’s part was unique in that song and his sound is cool , others are cool too .
    My favourite member would be.. G Dragon . He’s an excellent leader and has a unique style of singing a song and you rarely find it anywhere nowadays . He is hot like always . I don’t care if anyone criticize him , because he’s always perfect to me .
    I would like to win an edition of Big Bang because I like to see all of them , yeah , five of them altogether and not just one because Big Bang will always be 5 .
    Thank you . ^^

  52. Man there’s so many big bang songs I like, they are my first and true kpop love hah. I remember bieng quite obsessed with goodbyebaby – great video, plus I like seeing them looking like comedy gangstas…

    Sadly each member has probably occupied a place in my heart at one time or another but TOP will always be the one I am most likely to fan-stalk in Seoul, such a good voice…I hope they keep giving him cool hair colours although it makes me want to have blue hair again ;_;

  53. Favourite Big Bang song; Sunset Glow.
    – It has this pumped up happy beat with the sad heartbreaking lyrics. It makes me look at break up in a happier way. No doubt that only Big Bang could pull things like this out. It isn’t the first song I listened to but this song was definitely the one that kept me listening. No matter how down in the dumps I was, this song keeps me happy and positive. ( n _ n ) v

    Favourite Big Bang member; G-Dragon.
    In all honesty, I LOVE all of the members. However, G-Dragon is my inspiration. He’s the one that leads, writes and also took on the most scandals. And still, he’s able to stand high like a tough brick wall. Working since 13, I give him respect. Instead of playing a fool, he’s working for his dream. And he’s reached success. Another thing is, I like his fashion statements. I don’t agree to some of them, but I like how he dares to rebel against of the fashion rules set and make it a trend. Kudos to Kwon Leadah! (y)

    Which edition of the album you want to win: Big Bang, GD, TOP, Taeyang, Seungri, or Daesung
    Most definitely Big Bang just because I like seeing them as a group. The best OT5 ever. <3

  54. Favourite song of Big Bang: Lies. It’s a meaningful song because it’s Big Bang debut song, and also the first song that got me hooked up to kpop. I never indulged into kpop although my other friends are trying to influence me. But I totally on click to kpop when I watched their live performance of Lies in youtube. I must say as a boy myself, these five boys really inspire me. GD’s swag in rapping, TOP’s deep manly voice which is distinctive, daesung’s angel voice, taeyang’s R&B style and seungri’s skillful dance has made me be VIP for almost 5 years, and still I am now. Lies still is the best for me, this song has some magical spell cast on me, I guess especially the chorus,” I’m so sorry, but I love you,da geotjitmal” VIPs, agree with me?

    Favorite member of Big Bang: I’m fanboy of TOP. I like how he raps, I must say one of the best rappers in kpop entertainment. He’s cool and good looking too(even SE7EN praised that TOP is the best good looking male artist in YGentertainment). I like his murderer killer look( I watched IRIS with my sister, she’s crazy fan of TOP)

    Which album edition I want to win: Big Bang of course

  55. Favourite song of Big Bang: Cafe. Do you want a cup of coffee? I must say hearing this song just send me shiver down my spine. Big bangs’ falsetto voices are purely amazing. I must say this song is made for them, no one can sing better than Big Bang. This song is special to me because it draws my attention towards Big Bang and officially be a VIP. Why I love it so much? Because GD actually unleashes his falsetto voice here(it’s really rare to see him sing), TOP smooth rapping but yet strong, daesung’s powerful vocal, taeyang and seungri’s stable voice add some spices to this song. I’m just so in love this song.

    Favorite member: G-dragon. He’s a dedicated leader and talented. He writes and compose music. He’s so cute and good-looking( no matter how his hairstyle changes, he still look lovely. =D) he cares for his members and help to solve some awkwardness between the members. So nice of him, really. >.<

    Which edition of album I want to win: Big Bang!

  56. y fav songs are blue, love song and tonight. Those are just addictive, never get bored to listen to them. I wonder how could their songs sound so cool. Impressive rap and great vocal, an freakin cool combination. The lyrics are so deep and meaningful.
    I adore GD. He is a cool figure. He write lots of epic lyrics, complete the perfection of BIGBANG. He has his own point of view. It makes everything he does, seems so cool. His swagger is so awesxzxds.. GD can be so cute and cool in the same time haha
    And he is such a good leader~
    It would be wonderful if i could get Alive album Bigbang version kkkkkk~

  57. 1.Your favourite Big Bang song : LIES
    = This is the first song i listened from BIGBANG, and never get tired of this song till 2012,im still loving it! *I’m so sorry but I love THIS SONG very much! I became a VIP after LIES such an amazing song and lyrics!

    2.Your favourite Big Bang member : This’s very hard from me to choose a single member from them because they are a team right! I freaking love BIGBANG even single of them! (*After some times…)Alright, I will choose SEUNGRI,I cant tell the exactly reason. *LOVE, is no reason.

    The Last Question,
    I want Seungri version! I LOVE HIS NEW STYLE BADLY!

  58. Favorite Big Bang song: Koe Wo Kikasete
    Favorite member: Daesung
    I really love all the members vocals in Koe Wo Kikasete and the lyrics are amazing. My favorite member is Daesung because he seems like a kind person who is very talented in singing
    I would like the Big Bang version 🙂

  59. Favourite BigBang member: God, that’s just too hard, but if I had to choose I think it’d be Taeyang. When I watch their mv’s my eyes go straight to him. He’s such a beautiful guy, and so talented, but he’s so shy it’s adorable. His solo stuff is amazing. It’s proper RnB, which i’ve been missing and can’t seem to find in Western music anymore. I think the main reason I love him even more these days is because of Wedding Dress. I’ve always loved that song (it’s just too beautiful), but for the first time, my best friend (who has never understood my k-pop obsession) is finally giving it a go after listening to that song. BigBang, and Taeyang in particular, sound like good western RnB/ Hip Hop, and are the perfect introduction into the awesomeness that is k-pop. So thank you Taeyang.
    He can sing, he can dance, he can rap, he looks GOOD, is so sweet and sincere, and is so charismatic on stage. He has it all. Oh yeah! And he’s the only member who gives us international fans fan-service by tweeting, often in English 🙂
    Favourite BigBang song: Haru Haru, because it was the first BigBang song I heard (so it holds extra sentimental value) and it’s just AMAZING. The lyrics are so beautiful (I’ve been using that word a lot haven’t I, well it is BigBang) and bittersweet, their voices are soulful and emotional (and amazing as always), and the song combined with the mv never fails to get me choked up.
    If I win, I’d like the BigBang edition of the album please. They are just too amazing (I’ve also been using that word a lot as well, sorry) and I’ve missed the 5 of them together.

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