Big Bang to Support G-Dragon and Daesung’s episode on “Healing Camp”

Yesterday it was reported that Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Daesung would both be appearing on SBS “Healing Camp” to be aired on February 20. This would have been their first official television interview since they both had their scandals hitting the headlines.

Big Bang official sites revealed that the rest of the members of Big Bang visited the filming locations to support the two as they interviewed.

Producer of “Healing Camp” Baek said, “All the members came to support each other and went to a pork rind barbecue restaurant they went often in their early debut days to have a sincere and deep conversation. The members said that they learned more about each other”.

The filming of the interview was also revealed to be at YG Entertainment’s new building. The location of the interview was also pre-selected so is to protect Daesung from confessions about an issue in the episode.

There is much anticipation around this interview, the producer further mentioning, “Daesung mentioned that before the accident the YG building seemed like a very rigid place because he thought it was a place he needed to work. However, he stated that after the accident his perspectives of the YG building have changed significantly. We chose to shoot the program at the YG building for more sincere and profound conversations”.

Source: NewsenBigBangVIP and BigBangUpdates


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