Big Bang Hit Back at Japanese Magazines Seungri Photos

Big Bang fans have hit back at the photos of Seungri published in a Japanese magazine. The photo’s were allegedly taken by a Japanese woman who slept with Seungri.

YG Entertainment are yet to release an official statement regarding the article that was published leaving fans to try and find out the truth for themselves.

Fan groups have argued that the photos could have been manipulated. The fans claim that the photos of Seungri’s face and back were photoshopped with a photo of a man that looked similar to Seungri.

Big Bang fans argue that various aspects of his face and body look unnatural. Other more dedicated fans are taking it to be “proof” that the photos are fake.

However not all Big Bang fans have been convinced and as YG has failed to deny the reports, netizens say “It maybe a tabloid magazine, but they’re not a media outlet that would manipulate photos“.

Source & Image: SportsSeoul via Nate


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