Big Bang ‘Fantastic Baby’ Teaser!

Big Bang have finally released an MV teaser for one of their upcoming songs ‘Fantastic Baby’.

Big Bang had previously recorded a CF with this song as the background which instantly made the fans fall in love with the upbeat nature of the song- We wanna dance dance dance – too!. The boys shuffled in the CF but the MV teaser is totally different.

This MV bursts with edgy looks, colourful outfits and all the boys sitting on crowns like the music kings they are!

Check out the boom shaka laka Teaser below,

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Source: TOP fbpage


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT already!!!!
    “Wow, fantastic baby.. Boom, shakala..BOOM… Shakala!!! ”
    This might just be my favourite track of the album. Can’t wait for the whole mv to come out !!!!

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