Big Bang Causes Peru Airport to Come to a Standstill

Big Bang have made their first visit to Peru yesterday as part of their Alive Galaxy Tour 2012.

The group landed early in the morning on November 13 at the Jorge Chavez International Airport in Peru.

A mass number of fans descended on the airport hours before Big Bang were due to land. Once catching a glimpse of the group fans erupted into screams and shouts as they waved their banners.

Fans had travelled from around South America to welcome Big Bang as they landed at the airport. Some fans coming from Brazil, Ecuador and Columbia.

Some fans have already found out where the group will be staying for their time in Peru, crowds of fans and media had already been in waiting when they arrived.

At the Jockey Club, where Big Bang are holding their concert, dedicated fans set up tents nearly a week ago to get the best places in the venue and to try and catch a glimpse of the group arriving at the venue. Big Bang are due to play on November 14.

Big Bang sold out 5,000 tickets in 40 minutes of opening their ticket site, some 7,000 fans are expected to attend the concert.

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