Behind The Scenes With Girls Generation’s Tiffany at The LA Dodgers

Mnet America followed Girls Generation’s Tiffany as she threw the first pitch at the LA Dodgers game.

Tiffany was raised in LA and was invited back to throw the opening ceremonial pitch for the LA Dodgers.

The video saw some of the fans that had gathered at the stadium to see Tiffany. The fans mentioned that as soon as they found out that she was coming a Facebook page was set up immediately to spread the news of her arrival.

Mnet then follows Tiffany as she finishes a visit to the LA Dodgers store where she couldn’t get the jacket she wanted because it wouldn’t fit.

As she gets into the lift down to the trophy hall, Tiffany mentions that she was worried about pitching and had to practise. Her manager suggests that she should aim for his face and that will help her aim.

Tiffany is then led out onto the pitch, where she poses for photos with fans and the media that had gathered. Some additional poses with some of the players followed the media and fans.

The video closes up with Tiffany making the opening pitch, unfortunately the aim falls short and slight to the right of the catcher.

Mnet America was able to follow Tiffany from Girls Generation on her day at the ballpark last week when she threw out the first pitch at a LA Dodgers game. Please feel free to share the below web exclusive video with your readers on Kpopconcerts. Thanks!

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