Behind Stories For BEAST Yoseob’s First Solo Album Unveiled

Not long ago, the first solo mini album of BEAST’s main vocalist Yang Yoseob titled ‘The First Collage’ was released. Whilst fans still have yet to see the music video, fans needn’t be disappointed! For Haw of Prepix uploaded videos unveiling the behind story of Yoseob’s solo album production, including details on both the music and the dance side of things. Watch below:

‘The First Collage’ Behind Story – Music


‘The First Collage’ Behind Story – Dance

In both videos, Yang Yoseob is sat with choreographer Haw of Prepix, and fellow bandmate Yong Junhyung, who has made several contributions to Yoseob’s mini album. They discuss several aspects of the album’s production process, and during the Dance Behind Story clip, we can catch a sneak peak of the choreography for Yoseob’s title track, ‘Caffeine’.

What do you think of Yoseob’s solo debut thus far?




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