[Beauty product review] Tony Moly Latte Art Milk-Tea Morning Pack


Brand: Tony Moly

Product name: Latte Art Milk-Tea Morning Pack

Product type: Primer/Moisturiser

Volume: 80ml

Description: Make up pack that grants the speed make up booster effect.This creamy pack type make up starter is speedy skin boosting primer with instant moisture veil, hydrating touch and silky finish. Prepares the skin for following steps of make up with smoothing effect on rough surface.

Main ingredients: Contains bleak tea extract, this multi-purpose formula delivers plenty of nourishment and activating elements into and touch. Includes corn hair tea extract and caffeine to make the lifted face line.

Made in: Korea

Price: £12

Directions for use: Take an adequate amount of the product, gently apply all over the face for about 20 seconds and softly pat to penetrate. Once you have opened the product for the first time, add the Latte Art Milky Creamy Essence, mix with the product with the tea spoon for a more effective synergy care.

Editor`s Comments: I can`t get over how incredibly cute this product looks! Well done Tony Moly! You have most definitely captured my attention. This is an amazing product!Not only is it a primer but acts as a moisturiser too! The texture of the cream is extremely light and leaves your skin feeling silky soft like satin! The milky cream is a light shade of peach and is very lightly scented. The scent is quite hard to describe but if I had to compare it to something I would say that it smells a bit like Baileys coffee cream (Much lighter but milky with a hint of sweetness). This product is great for sensitive skin! I love it!

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