BEAST Yoseob’s post on Cafe Daum causes concern

It’s been quite a while since a member of BEAST had posted on their fan cafe, on the 28th February Yoseob has finally broken the silence. The translation of his post could be seen below:


You waited a long time, right?

It’s kind of awkward for me to talk informally like this all of a sudden.

As you all know, we’re on a world tour.’re right, it is really difficult.

I feel like my back is going to fall off during long plane rides.

I’m sleepy sometimes, but I can’t sleep properly.

From breakfast to dinner, all we eat is instant rice along with canned tuna. Sometimes, I’m really happy when there’s dry seaweed.

The hotel’s toothpaste isn’t all that refreshing either. There isn’t water that tastes as good as Samdasoo.


But because we have Korean B2UTYs who are proud of us..

When we return back to Korea, the Korean B2UTYs who are there to pat us in telling us we did well while waiting for us.

I’m really happy and it makes me feel good.


Of course, because we have international B2UTYs, we’re able to have a grand world tour in which we’re grateful for.



I’m sleepy right now.


I don’t know what I’m saying.


I came in here with the thought of updating to bring a ‘new’ in this section, but I’m all serious by myself that I’ve been fighting with the keyboard for an hour now. After exhausted and sleepy now after having fought with the keyboard.


The next Beatiful Show is Singapore..

Pray lots for me in that we can put up a beautiful show in a beautiful country.

I should sleep now. Bye and good night!@


CREDITS: playb2st (SOURCE); seoulfoood @B2ST RISING (TRANS)

With this in mind let’s just hope that the boys get some rest soon, but with their world wide show going on as well as their comeback in possibly April it doesn’t seem like this would happen any time soon.


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