BEAST’s Yoseob Releases ‘Caffeine’ MV Stills, Teaser And Greeting

Yesterday reported on the tracklist of ‘The First Collage’, BEAST’s Yoseob’s solo debut mini album. Today, the main vocalist also released stills from the music video for the title track, ‘Caffeine’, along with a greeting for the mini album. Find the stills, teaser and greeting below:

BEAST’s Yoseob – Caffeine MV Teaser

The teaser sees BEAST’s adorable main vocalist Yoseob in a completely different light, a charismatic and sharp transformation. The 180 degree change is taken even further as we see Yoseob kissing the music video’s female lead. Half way through the teaser, however, Yoseob turns into a cold and stoic character, smashing photo frames and breaking glasses on the wall.

As far as audio goes, we can hear a lonely guitar playing, later accompanied by subtle strings, piano and a simple beat. Yoseob’s emotional vocals echo throughout, with contributions being made by bandmate Yong Junhyung.

‘The First Collage’ Mini Album Greeting

In the clip we are able to hear Yoseob’s solo greeting, “So~ Yang Yoseob”, wordplay on the group’s usual “So~ BEAST”, before moving onto express his worries coming out as a soloist for the first time, but also promises to work hard. Find below a translation of Yoseob’s message:



“So~ Yang Yoseob!

Yes, hello… This time instead of BEAST, I greet you as Yang Yoseob. Yes… It might be because this is my first solo album, I have a lot of thoughts and I’m a bit worried about it, but I believe everyone will show lots of love, and I will work hard for the activities and promotions.

That time in Japan during our 3rd anniversary, I gave a few hints about it, and I think BEAST gave some hints about it. There were lots of people who understood the hints, and some people who didn’t understood… Yes… Anyway, I wanted to tell you everything, so letting you know through this video relieves me.

This time, the title track is ‘Caffeine’. It’s a very familiar term to everyone, isn’t it? I wish that this album could be familiar to everyone too.

Another really special point about this album is that our Junhyung produced it all, from lyrics, composition to arrangement, it would be nice if everyone could show a lot of love.

Again, including the other 5 members, I will do my best and use all of my strength to show different expressions.”


‘Caffeine’ Photo Stills



Are you excited for Yoseob’s solo release on the 26th?



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