BEAST ‘Shadow’ MV Stills Revealed By CUBE CEO

With excitement brewing due to BEAST’s comeback, CEO of the group’s label, CUBE, Hong Seungsung revealed stills from the group’s ‘Shadow’ music video through his Twitter. Take a sneak peak of the music video below:



The first still reveals the members strewn around the music video set, which seems to be the abandoned ruins of a city, dark clouds polluting the sky in the distance. The members are also seen posing in a lonely manner.


The second still then shows the back of one member; covered in symmetrical markings.


The third still provides a close up of the members, with the CEO asking if they look cool.

Along with the still, the CEO also tweeted that he was in the middle of compiling the music video, as well as asking fans how the music video feels.

Are you excited for BEAST’s ‘Shadow’ music video?






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